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Form 35 RTO

What is RTO Form 35? – How to Download & Fill

Are you wondering what is RTO Form 35? Well, let’s dive in. Form 35 is an RTO form that removes the hypothecation on your vehicle.

RTO Form 35 will be needed to be duly filled and submitted to your assigned RTO if you wish to terminate the hypothecation on your vehicle post repayment of vehicle loan.

It is very important to ensure that you get the hypothecation removed as soon as you pay-off your vehicle loan.

Once you submit Form 35 to the RTO center, and the same is verified and validated by the RTO, the RTO will remove the name of your vehicle financer (Bank/NBFC) from your Registration Certificate (RC), and the vehicle will be under your own name.

Download Form 35 RTO

You can download Form 35 of the RTO directly from here, or you can also scan through the list of all forms provided by Parivahan and download it from there.

How to fill RTO Form 35?

Let us now figure out how to properly fill-up Form 35.

Step 1.) Download Form 35

First, you will need to download Form 35. You can do so by following the information mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also ask your nearest RTO to give you a copy of the form.

Step 2.) Mention the Financier and Registered Owner

Here, you will need to mention the financier and registered owner of your vehicle. This would generally be the entity through which you have availed the loan.

Step 3.) Termination of Agreement

Here, you will need to mention the particulars of your loan agreement. Along with this, your financier will also have to give his company seal and signature stating that the loan amount is paid and the agreement is complete.

Step 4.) Mention your Vehicle Number and Regsitered RTO

Now, you will need to mention your vehicle number and the designated RTO center.

Step 5.) Form Verification and Termination of Hypothecation

Once this form is verified by the RTO and is in order, the hypothecation on your vehicle will be removed, thereby removing the name of your financier from your RC book.

Documents Required for Hypothecation Termination

Ensure that you have brought originals as well as multiple copies of the following documents:


  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Loan Agreement

Important Points relating to Form 35

Mentioned within are some of the most important points relating to RTO Form 35:


  • Purpose and Role: The fundamental purpose of RTO Form 35 is to remove the name of the vehicle financer from the RC book, thereby terminating the hypothecation.
  • New RC: Once the hypothecation is terminated, the RTO will disburse the new RC to the owner.
  • Financier Credentials: Ensure that you have the financier’s credentials, NOC, and company seal on Form 35 before submission to the RTO.
Form 35 RTO
RTO Form 35

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