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InsuranceLiya Artificial Intelligence (A.I) ChatBot is based on the GPT-3.5 A.I technology and publicly available insurance data. It is a fine-tuned and trained Chatbot technology specially trained for answering questions about insurance in India

InsuranceLiya A.I:

Note: If you face a temporary error while interacting with the A.I, please reopen the page in Incognito mode and try again.

Disclaimer: The answers furnished by the A.I is purely for information purposes and does not constitute personal financial advice. Users are advised not to solely rely on the answers of the A.I as conclusive and do their own research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Give me some example questions to ask your A.I ChatBot?

    Sure. Here are a few example questions you can ask our A.I Chatbot:

    • I am a 60 year old woman having a pre-existing kidney issue. Kindly suggest me a list of health insurance policies that does not have a copay option?
    • Is it mandatory for me to buy a P.A insurance rider if I already have a personal accident insurance coverage?
    • My insurance company is not giving me satisfactory support, where can I escalate?
    • I want to gift my 5 year old nephew a single premium life insurance policy that matures of his 18th birthday. please suggest me a few policies.
  • What can the InsuranceLiya A.I Chatbot do?

    The A.I Chatbot can answer any of your insurance related questions. It will aim to give you to most nuanced and relevant advise.

  • What is your A.I system based on?

    The A.I system is based on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 technology.

  • Is the InsuranceLiya A.I ChatBot free?

    Yes. It is completely free to use for our readers.