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How to update insurance details in mParivahan?

It is important that you have your car insurance details updated in mParivahan as out-of-date information may lead to fines. Let us address how you can get your car insurance policy updated on the mParivahan App. But first, let us know what is mParivahan.

What is the mParivahan App?

mParivahan is an application made by The Road Transport and Highways Ministry of India. The app provides access to various important motor-related details such as vehicle owner name, car make, model, registration date, registering authority, fuel type, vehicle age, vehicle type, insurance validity, etc. It is also a reliable government app for All India RTO vehicle Registration Number Search.

First, let us discuss how an insurance policy gets automatically updated in the mParivahan app.

Whenever you buy an insurance policy from an agent or online. Its data gets stored in the insurer’s server. Supposing you have bought a car policy, the details of the car policy will get stored in the insurer’s server.
Now that your car policy details get stored in the insurer’s server, the insurance company will send your policy details to the RTO.
Post this, the vehicle details and the details of the policy will be matched verified, and updated in the mParivahan app within 72 hours.

What if your insurance details don’t get updated In the mParivahan App?

Usually, it takes up to 72 hours for your latest insurance policy details to get updated in the Mpravahan app, in case your policy detail is still not updated, You can write a mail to:-
Addressing your query with valid car and policy details. You should receive a reply from the mParivahan support group within 24 hours and your policy will get updated shortly.

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