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Ahmedabad RTO – RTO List, Fees & More

Ahmedabad RTO refers to the Regional Transport Office located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As the capital city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad experiences a substantial daily influx of vehicle registrations, reflecting the city’s high volume of motor vehicle activity.

Hence, the Government of Gujarat has established three RTOs across the city for the smooth functioning of all motor related activities. In this article, we will talk about Ahmedabad RTO, its address, contact details, and more.


Table of Contents:

  • List of all RTOs in Ahmedabad
  • Functions of Ahmedabad RTO
  • Vehicle Registration Process with Ahmedabad RTO
  • Ahmedabad RTO Fees and Penalty list

List of all RTOs in Ahmedabad

Below given is the complete list of RTOs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: 

RTO Code

RTO Name

RTO Address

Phone Number

GJ- 1


RTO Office, Subhash Bridge, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Pin: 380027.




ARTO Office, Ahmedabad East, Mahadevnagar Tekra, Vastral, Ahmedabad.




ARTO Office, Amrytbaug, Nr. Swaminarayan Gate, Bavla, Dist: Ahmedabad.


Functions of Ahmedabad RTO

RTO in the country are responsible for providing multiple motor related services and tasks implemented under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Below given are some of its primary functions:


  • Vehicle Registration: One of the main functions of Ahmedabad RTO is registration of motor vehicles such as cars, bikes, rickshaws, etc. It is also responsible for issuing  registration certificates and assigning them with distinctive registration numbers.
  • Disbursing Driver’s License:  Another responsibility of RTOs is to issue driving license to persons who successfully undergo and clear driving examinations. This meticulous process makes sure that the persons meet the essential requirements and has acquired the requisite driving skills, confirming their eligibilty.
  • Traffic Rules and Regulations: It is the duty of RTO officials to monitor and take action against activities like speeding, drunken drive, driving without license, and so on. This ensures that traffic rules are implemented and safety standards are met on the road.
  • Transfer of Vehicle: RTO facilitates the smooth transfer of ownership of vehicles when sold from one individual to another. It also issues no objection certificates (NOC) for vehicles being transferred to a different jurisdiction or state.
  • Vehicle Inspection at Check Posts: Vehicle inspection at check posts ensures the tax compliance by the vehicle owner. The officials verify whether the owner has paid the requisite road tax ensuring revenue collection for the government. Also, vehicle inspections play a vital role in ensuring road safety by examining the condition of the vehicle like condition of brakes, head lights and so on while on road.
  • Issuance of Fitness Certificate: Another primary function of RTO is to issue fitness certificates to vehicles. A fitness certificate is essentially an official document that authenticates that the vehicle condition is fit to drive on the road.

Vehicle Registration Process with Ahmedabad RTO

Follow these simple steps to register your new vehicle:


Step 1: Dully Fill and Submit Documents

Dully fill out and submit the required documents like forms to the Ahmedabad RTO to register your vehicle. You can also take the help of an RTO agent to ensure quick registration process. Important documents required for your vehicle registration are listed below.

Step 2: Pay Registration Fees

Pay the necessary RTO charges and fees. It important to take the receipt and acknowledgement of the payment made. The registration fees will depend on the type of vehicle you are wanting to register. It is also required to pay the applicable road tax that will be determined on the basis of the type of vehicle.

Step 3: Vehicle Inspection

You will have to visit the RTO with your vehicle for its inspection. Once your vehicle inspection is completed and approved, you will then need to dully fill and submit all the necessary forms. The Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) will provide his approval for the vehicle.

Step 4: Receive the Registration Card

After the above procedure is completed, you will receive your RC within seven working days at your registered address.

Documents required for Registration


  • Passport Sized Photos
  • CMV Form or Vehicle Sales Certificate
  • Form ‘A’ under Tax Act 1997
  • CMV Form No 20
  • Form 22 provided by vehicle dealer
  • Custom Clearance Certificate (imported vehicle)
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Form ‘A’ under Tax Act 1997
  • Fee or charges as per Rule 81, CMV Act
  • Temporary Registration Certification (If applicable)
  • KYC documents

Ahmedabad RTO Fees and Penalty list

Below is the list of charges and penalty with Ahmedabad RTO:


Sr. No




Renewal of Driving License

₹ 200


Issue of Learners License

₹ 150


Learner’s License Test Fee

₹ 50

New Vehicle Permanent Registration Fees

Sr. No

Type of Vehicle




₹ 500


Imported Motorcycle

₹ 2,500


Light Motor Vehicle (Transport)

₹ 1,000


Light Motor Vehicle (Non- Transport)

₹ 600


Heavy Goods Vehicle

₹ 1,500


Imported Motor Vehicle

₹ 1,000

Ahmedabad RTO Penalty List

The following table provides the details related to Ahmedabad RTO penalty list:

Sr. No

Traffic Violation

Vehicle Type

Penalty Amount


Riding without Helmet

Two- Wheeler

₹ 500


Rash Driving

All Vehicle

₹ 1,000


Driving under the Influence of Alcohol

All Vehicle

₹10,000/Imprisonment of 6 months


₹15,000/Imprisonment of 2 years (repeated offence)


Driving without Seatbelt

All Vehicle

₹ 500


Traffic Signal Violations

All Vehicle

₹ 1,000

₹ 5,000 (repeated offence)


Using Mobile Phone while Driving

All Vehicle

₹ 500

₹ 1,000 (repeated offence)


Not giving way to Emergency Vehicle

All Vehicle

₹ 1,000


Driving/Riding without registration

Two/Three wheeler


Four wheeler (LMV)


Other Vehicles

₹ 1,000



₹ 2,000



₹ 3,000

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