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How to get LIC policy status by SMS

Checking your LIC insurance policy status is important. Knowing the status of your policy is essential as you can confirm whether your LIC policy is registered within the LIC database or no.

As a LIC policyholder, you can check your policy status via SMS. This provides much-needed comfort to policyholders as they don’t need to visit LIC offices to do the same. Policyholders can simply know their policy status by sending a simple SMS.

Let us now understand the type of details you can get via LIC through SMS.

Check your LIC policy status

Type of Enquiry to be made

SMS Code


Know your premium amount

ASKLIC <your policy number> PREMIUM


Revival amount inquiry

ASKLIC <your policy number> REVIVAL


Bonus amount

ASKLIC <your policy number> BONUS


Loan amount

ASKLIC <your policy number> LOAN



ASKLIC <your policy number> NOM


Check status of your LIC policy

ASKLIC <your policy number> STAT


Existence certificate

ASKLIC <your policy number> ECDUE


Check return status

ASKLIC <your policy number> CHQRET


Annuity amount inquiry

ASKLIC <your policy number> AMOUNT


Annuity release date

ASKLIC <your policy number> ANNPD


Illustration: Let us assume Mr. Durgesh wants to find out his premium due. All he needs to do is send the following SMS from his registered phone number:

ASKLIC <his policy number> PREMIUM to 9222492224
Post this, LIC will send the premium details via SMS shortly. Other similar requests can be made by following the same procedure (as shown above).

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