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LIC Login and registration process (Simple Steps)

Do you want to know how to log into your Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) account? That’s great, logging into your LIC account after registration has a lot of benefits for policyholders as LIC has digitized a lot of their services. A policyholder need not go to a LIC branch for details, he may simply log into his LIC account and view their respective details.
Let us now understand how the login and registration process works with the help of simple and easy-to-understand steps.

LIC registration

For an existing customer to avail of LIC’s online services, he needs to first register on the LIC portal. Understand the registration process below:

Step 1: Visit the official LIC website and click on ‘Customer Portal’ under the ‘Online Services’ sidebar

LIC homepage
LIC homepage

Step 2: Click on the ‘New User’ button

LIC e-services page
LIC e-services page

Step 3: Enter your details

LIC e-services registration page
LIC e-services registration page

Here, you will need to enter your important details like policy number, date of birth, name, email ID, etc. Once entered, kindly click on the ‘Proceed’ button.

Step 4: Create username and password
You will now be requested to create a username and password, kindly create that. Ensure that you remember both the details as you would need them to log into your LIC account.

LIC login

Step 1: Go to the official LIC website and click on ‘Customer Portal’

LIC homepage
LIC homepage

Step 2: Click on the ‘Registered User’ button

Step 3: Enter your login credentials

LICe-services login page
LICe-services login page

Step 4: Access the LIC dashboard

LIC e-services dashboard

After login, you can now access the LIC dashboard. You can now access all of the LIC e-services of LIC like making online premium payments, service requests, grievance handling, profile management, premier services, and more.

Benefits of having a LIC account

The benefits of having a LIC e-services account are numerous. Let us understand some of the most important benefits that can make a policyholder’s life simpler.

Make payments online: You can make online premium payments through the LIC portal. This is especially useful during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renew your policy: You can now renew your LIC policy online. No need to visit a branch. Just renew it through the LIC dashboard.

Convenient: The e-services were initiated to increase customer convenience.

Complaint redressal: You can raise complaints using your LIC dashboard and solve your issue.

Check policy status: You can check the status of your LIC policy through their dashboard.

Claim history: Do you want to check your claim history? The portal will provide you with the same.

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