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LIC e-Services (Best Services for LIC Policyholders)

LIC e-Services are online services offered to LIC policyholders via their LIC e-Services portal. LIC provides a vast array of helpful services to its customers through this portal. This article will aim to articulate the type of services offered to LIC policyholders and how to access them.

This content piece will discuss the following:

  • Features and benefits of LIC e-Services
  • Registration and login process
  • Services offered under LIC e-Services

Features and Benefits of LIC e-Services

Following are the important features and benefits of the e-Service platform:

  • Ease of access: A policyholder can access the LIC e-Service platform by simply visiting the e-Services website and logging into their account. They can access the platform from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Easy to track: A policyholder can track all his policies under one roof. All his LIC policies will be visible under the e-Services dashboard for easy access and editing.
  • Ease of location: An LIC policyholder can access the services from any location in the world. Distance and location is no barrier.
  • Grievance addressal: Complaints and grievances can be raised within the portal.
  • Free services: All the services provided by LIC within their portal are free of charge and for the convenience of its policyholders.

Registration and login process

LIC account login
LIC account login
  • The registration process is quite straightforward and simple.
  • A policyholder can easily register with the LIC and avail of their e-Services. Please check out the LIC new user registration page for a comprehensive and detailed guide on new user registrations.
  • Once you have registered, you can log in to their portal and access their dashboard.

Services offered under LIC e-Services

The above image depicts the list of services offered under the LIC e-Service dashboard.

  • Policy status: You can check the status of your policy under the dashboard. Just click on the ‘Policy Status’ button under the ‘Basic Services’ tab. (check image above)
  • Policy bonus status: Policyholders can also check the bonus status of their respective policies through the platform. The updated bonus amount will be reflected on the site.
  • Nomination: Policyholder can also check their respective nominations and even apply for editions if required.
  • Claim status: It is important to keep an eye on your claims status once you have applied for a claim. You can find out which stage your claim is at on the portal.
  • Premium payment: Policyholders can pay their premiums online through the portal. No need to physically visit a branch. All premium payments can be made online.
  • Premium receipt: You can also download the updated premium receipt from the website.
  • Grievances and complaints: You can also raise complaints and grievances through the portal in case you feel the need.
  • Loan payment: Loan repayments can also be made through the portal.

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