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What is the Star Health Agent Portal? (A Guide)

The Star Health agent portal is where insurance agents affiliated with Star Health Insurance can login to the portal and create health insurance policies for their clients. It is a comprehensive and feature-rich agent portal that allows affiliated health insurance agents to fulfil their insurance requirements.

An agent can simply login to the Star Health agent portal, and from there, he can quickly and easily create a health insurance policy for his client. This article will talk about the following:

  • How to Login and Register for the Star Health Agent Portal
  • Features and Benefits of the Star Health Agent Portal

How to Login and Register for the Star Health Agent Portal

How to Register for the Star Health Agent Portal

  • Visit the official portal page: You can access the official Star Health Agent Portal page here. Alternatively, you can also search for ‘Star Health Agent Portal’ on your preferred search engine and navigate to the official page from there.
  • Click to register: Now that you are on the portal, navigate to “New Users? Click here to register” and click on it.
Star health agent portal click to register
An Image of the registration link
  • Register: Now, you will need to put in your intermediary code, PAN card number, email ID, mobile number, and captcha code. Once filled out, click on “Register.”
  • Enter the portal dashboard: Now that you are registered, you can begin using the various features that are provided to Star Health agents and begin creating your first online policy.
Star health agent portal registration form
An image of the registration form

How to Login to the Star Health Agent Portal

  • Visit the official portal page: You can access the official Star Health Agent Portal page here.
  • Enter your details: You will be able to see the agent login box on the right side. Enter your user ID, password, and captcha code, and login to the portal.
star health agent portal login box
An image of the login box

Features and Benefits of the Star Health Agent Portal

  • Create policies: This is the most important feature within the agent portal. Through this feature, you can create a variety of health insurance policies for your clients directly through the Star Health Agent Portal. This feature brings with it a whole lot of convenience, as it drastically reduces the paperwork an insurance agent deals with, thereby saving the agent a lot of time and effort.
  • Create payment links: Star Health agents will also have the ability to create payment links directly from the agent portal itself. The agent can then send this link to their clients, and the clients can make the policy premium payment directly through this payment link.
  • Manage renewals: Agents also have the ability to manage policy renewals through the portal. They will get all of the details as and when their policy premiums are due, as well as the premium charges.
  • List of insurance policies: The agent portal highlights the most popular health insurance policies that an agent can sell. Some of the popular Star Health Insurance policies include the Star Family Health Optima Health Insurance Plan, the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan, the Young Star Insurance Policy, the Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan, and much more.
  • Analytics: As a Star Health agent, you can also access the analytics within the dashboard. This is where the most important facts and figures relating to your account are visible. Some of the data available includes the number of policies sold, the number of renewals, the premium collected, and more.
  • Check claim status: As an agent, you can also check the claim status of your client directly through the portal.

How do I use the Star Health Agent Portal?

You can refer to the official agent portal manual, which you can find here.

The PDF is comprehensive and detail-rich. It will show you how you can do the following:

  • How to Create a Star Health Insurance Policy
  • How to renew a policy
  • How to create a payment link
  • How to calculate the premium
  • How to connect with the customer

These are just a few of the aspects covered in the PDF. It would be worth your while to investigate the PDF in depth and absorb all of the information provided within it; as a new Star Health agent, it can prove quite valuable.

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