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How to Locate an Agent through IRDA Agent Locator

Are you looking to locate a registered insurance agent in India? Well, look no further, we will show you exactly how you can get a list of registered insurance agents near you through the IRDA agent locator portal, and you can locate your nearest registered insurance agent by pincode.

We will also give you a complete walk-through on how you can locate your nearest agent.

IRDA Agent Locator Portal
IRDA Agent Locator Portal

Steps to Locate an Agent through IRDA Agent Locator

Step 1.) Search for ‘IRDA agent locator’

Search for IRDA agent locator on your preferred search engine and navigate to the official IRDA agent locator page. You can also access the portal directly via –

Step 2.) Enter your Details

Now, you can either do a detailed agent locator search or you can do a broad agent locator search. Let us give you can example of both.


Detailed agent locator search:

  • Here, you will need to enter the name or license number (preferred) of the agent.
  • Once entered, click on ‘Locate’, you will now get all of the publicly available information about that particular agent.

Example of a detailed agent locator search

Broad agent locator search:

  • Enter the State, District, Insurance Type, and PIN code. Once entered, press ‘Locate’
  • You will now get a detailed list of all insurance agents in that particular pin code along with their license number, IRDA URN, Agent ID, Phone Number and Name.

Example of a broad agent locator search

Step 3.) Confirm Details

Now that you have the relevant agent details with you like the agent ID, license number, name of agent, mobile number, etc, you can now verify these details. If satisfied, you can reach out to the agent via their registered phone number that the IRDA agent locator tool provided you with.

Cross-verify with IRDA PAN Look up

You can also cross check the authenticity of your insurance agent by verifying their PAN details on the IRDA PAN Look up tool. Doing so will ensure that you know for a fact that your insurance agent is registered with IRDA of India, and is authorized to sell insurance in India.

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