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ICICI Lombard Claim Status – How to check your claim status

There are many reasons why you may want to check your health insurance claim status. It is important to be on top of the claims process by regularly checking your claim status from time to time. Any delays should be dealt with by raising a grievance with the company.

Now, Let us understand how you can check the status of your ICICI Lombard health insurance claim online. Being on top of your claim status is quite important and will help you in getting the claim on a timely manner.

How to Check your ICICI Lombard Claim Status

Step 1.) Visit the ICICI Lombard website

You can visit their website by clicking here, or alternatively by entering their URL ( in your web browser.

Step 2.) Hover over the “Claims” drop-down on the top right hand side

After you hover your mouse on the “Claims” section, click on “Health Claims” (you can also click on other texts like motor claims, travel claims, home claims, etc),  but for the sake of simplicity we will just focus on health claims.

Step 3.) Enter your claim number or AL number

Now, you will need to enter your claim number. Once entered, select your user type (retail or corporate) and click on “Proceed.

Step 5.) Check your claim status details

You can now check the status of your claim and be updated on the situation.

Importance of Checking your ICICI Lombard Claim Status

It is imperative that you are cognizant of any requests made by an insurance company during the claims phase. Handling any additional requests made by an insurance company in a prompt manner will help speed up your claims process.

Here are the most important reasons why you should check your claim status:

  • Additional Information: Insurance companies may ask for additional information during the claims phase. This information will need to be promptly provided by the policyholder if they do not want a delay in their claims processing.
  • Additional Documents: Insurance companies may also ask for additional documents such as additional bills, receipts, medical reports etc, be ready to provide it to them.
  • Complaints: You may have lodged a complaint or grievance with an insurance company and they may have replied to the same. It is important to be on top of this by checking your status.
  • Surveyor: An insurance company may want to contact you regarding a surveyor or investigator visit.

Side Note

Remember, an insurance company should handle most claims within 30 days. If your claim settlement goes beyond 30 days, you should contact the company and demand a swift settlement. If the company still delays the claim, you have the option of raising a grievance with IRDA through their Integrated Grievance Management System.

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