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What is Cons and KP in Car Insurance? (Simple Guide)

So, you’re planning to buy car insurance for your car and have come across the terms such as ‘Cons’ and ‘KP’ insurance? This simple guide will tell you everything you need to know about both these terms, so you can make an informed decision and buy the perfect car insurance policy for your car.

Understanding the meaning of these terms will assist you in effectively navigating through any motor insurance brochure and insurance bond.

This article will talk about the following:-

• What are consumables in car insurance?
• What is KP (Key Protect) in car insurance?

What are consumables in car insurance?

Consumables are basically all the things that your car consumes while running. Things like oil, coolants, steering oil, gear oil, AC lubricants, grease, etc. It should be noted that fuel (i.e petrol/diesel/CNG) does not come under consumables. A motor insurance policy will generally not cover the costs of any consumables, and you being the customer must be aware of this.

What is KP in car insurance?

KP stands for Key Protect rider. If the motor insurance policy provides KP, the insured is protected against loss and theft of their vehicles key. In the event of loss, theft, or damage to the insured’s car key, the insurance company will compensate the policyholder for this loss.

You should keep in mind that the KP rider is generally an additional rider that the insurance company offers. You will most likely need to make a small additional payment to the insurance company to get the Key Protect rider.

The decision on whether to opt for the KP rider should be based on the potential cost incurred by the vehicle owner if he/she loses access to their car key.

Example of KP in car insurance

Mr. Sham opted for a KP rider while buying his motor insurance from HDFC ERGO. A month later, he met with an unfortunate theft of his car key. As he opted for a KP rider, HDFC ERGO paid him compensatory damages to compensate him for his car key loss.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is a KP rider mandatory?

    No. You can opt to not buy a KP  rider if you want.

  • Does fuel come under consumables in car insurance?

    Fuel does not come under consumables when it comes to car insurance.

  • Is KP widely available?

    Yes, the Key Protect rider is widely available across the Indian insurance market.

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