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How to pay your LIC premium through debit or credit card? (Easy Guide)

Gone are they days where you would need to physically visit an LIC office and hand them over a check to make your premium payment.

LIC of India has successfully digitized itself, and now offer policyholders a host of high-tech services, which also include the ability for policyholders to make premium payments online through their debit/credit card.

Let’s find out how you can easily make your premium payment via debit or credit card.

There are 2 ways to make the premium payment; with login, and without login. We will elucidate both the methods below.

Make payment with login

Step 1: Visit the LIC online premium payment page

LIC online payment page
LIC online payment page

Visit the LIC online payment page by clicking here, and click on the “Pay Premium Through e-Services” button. Once you have clicked on that button, you will be redirected to the next page.

Step 2: Click on the “Registered User” button

Pay premium through e-services lic
Click on “Registered User”

You must now click on the “Registered User” button if you have your login credentials and password ready. Click on “New User” if you do not have an LIC e-Services account and want to create a new account.

Step 3: Enter your credentials and click on “Sign In”

LIC e-services login page
LIC e-services login page

Once you are at this page, you need to enter your User ID/Email ID/Mobile along with your password and date of birth. Click on “Sign In” and login to your LIC e-Services account.

Step 4: Make the premium payment through Debit/Credit card

Once logged in, navigate to “Basic Services” and then click on “Pay Online”, then proceed to make the payment through your preferred debit or credit card.

Make payment without login

Step 1: Visit the LIC online premium payment page

If you do not have an LIC e-services account, you can also make your premium payment directly without logging-in. Click on “Pay Direct”

Step 2: Select the “Renewal Premium” option from the drop down

LIC pay direct

Once on this page, click on the “Renewal Premium” drop down menu and click on “Proceed”. You can also make an advance premium payment using this tool.

Step 3: Enter your policy details

lic customer validation page

This is where you enter your policy details, such as:

  • Policy number
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Premium amount
  • Email ID

Once entered, select “I Agree,” and click on “Submit”

Step 4: Make payment

Next, you will be redirected to the payment gateway page, where you can make your premium payment through your debit or credit card.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I pay my LIC premium online?

    You can pay your LIC premium online via 2 ways:

    • By logging-in to your LIC e-Services account
    • Premium payment without login


  • Can you pay your LIC premium by debit/credit card?

    Yes, LIC of India now offers the facility to make premium payments through debit/credit cards.

    Visit the LIC online payment page to initiate a payment.

  • Can I pay advance premium for my LIC policy?

    Yes, LIC offers the option of making advance policy premiums.

  • Do I need to register with LIC to make an online premium payment?

    No, it is not necessary

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