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What is burglary insurance?

What is burglary insurance? (Top 3 points to remember)

Burglary insurance provides coverage to the policyholder in the event that the insured home gets burgled (entered into & stolen.) Burglary insurance can be availed by a person having a flat, bungalow, or even a mansion. Burglary insurance can also be availed by business people owning shops, offices, warehouses, and more.

Let us now look at some of the most important aspects of burglary insurance below.

Top 3 points to remember

Importance of burglary insurance

  • A burglary insurance policy provides coverage against thefts within the insured property. At times the homes of people are filled with valuables like art, jewelry and expensive furniture, burglary insurance provides protection in the event of a theft.
  • Having a theft insurance plan in place will give the policyholder peace of mind, knowing that he and his assets are protected if the unfortunate strikes.
  • Burglary insurance provides continuation to business-owners. Business-owners can avail the sum assured in the event of a theft and put that amount back into the business, ensuring continuity of their business.

Inclusions and exclusions of burglary insurance

The inclusions and exclusions of burglary insurance can vary from plan to plan and from insurer to insurer. That being said, mentioned within are some of the general inclusions and exclusions:




Intentional damage leading to moral hazard

Dames to property due to forced entry


Cash that is stolen

Radiation damage

Valuables like jewellery, art, and furniture

Damages caused due to the premise left unattended (unlocked or without proper security measures in place)

Death caused due to burglary

Damages caused due to government confiscation of the insured property

Disability caused due to burglary

Rioting and strikes

Companies providing burglary insurance in India

Here is a list of insurance companies in India that provide burglary insurance services. Some of the companies provide a stand-alone burglary insurance plan, where as some insurance companies only provide burglary insurance as an additional rider that can be bought with a property insurance policy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are stand-alone burglary insurance plans available?

    Yes, there are stand-alone burglary insurance plans available in India. However, Some insurance companies prefer to only offer burglary insurance coverage as part of an additional rider that the policyholder can avail after buying a property insurance policy.

  • Is burglary insurance mandatory?

    No, burglary insurance is not mandatory. It is advisable to opt for a burglary insurance plan but it is not mandatory.

  • What are the different types of burglary insurance available?
    1. Standard burglary insurance policy
    2. Burglary insurance rider
    3. Declaration policy
    4. Full-value policy
    5. First-loss policy
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