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Learn about Park Mediclaim TPA (A Simple Guide)

Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA is an Indian Third Party Administrator (TPA) Company, which acts as a link between insurance companies and policyholders. It is the role of the TPA Company to provide customer support, customer education, and claim management.

Let us now talk about some of the main aspects of Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA, such as:


  • Role of Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA
  • How to login and register?
  • How to submit a claim?
  • Important Downloads
  • Empaneled Hospitals
  • Customer Support

Role of Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA

Customer Enrollment: The company engages in the enrollment and education of potential insurance buyers. Once educated, the company then offers the best possible insurance products to their clientele.

Customer Support: Once enrolled, it is the role of Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA to provide quality customer support to policyholders, both during hospitalizations as well as pre and post hospitalization.

Health Card: It is the job of the TPA company to furnish the policyholder with his/her Insurance Health Card. The policyholder can avail treatment only once they furnish this Health Card to the hospital.

Claims Management: All claim related queries, grievances, and support will be extended by the TPA Company to the policyholder.

How to Login and Register?

Some of the benefits and features of Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA can be accessed by registering and logging into their official website. How can you do this? Here’s how:

Step 1) Visit the official website of Park Mediclaim TPA

Step 2) Navigate to the ‘Login’ section on the top bar

Step 3) Select your ‘Login Type’

Here, you will have to select your login type. There are various types of logins, such as:

  • Agent Login
  • Corporate Login
  • Broker Login
  • RO Login
  • Branch Login
  • Hospital Login
  • Admin Login
  • Employee Login

Once selected, enter your Username and Password and click on ‘Login.’

How to Submit a Claim?

Submitting an insurance claim is one of the most important aspects. Let us now understand how you can submit an insurance claim with Park Mediclaim TPA

How to submit cashless claim?

Step 1) Inform the TPA Company or Insurance Agent

First, you will need to inform your TPA Company or Insurance Agent.

Step 2) Submit your Health Card to the hospital

Your hospital will request your Health Card or your Policy Bond, you will have to submit this during the admission process.

Step 3) Fill-up the forms

Now, you will have to fill-up and submit the Pre-authorization form, attached your ID and address proof, and submit it to the hospital. Post submission, the hospital will verify your details with the TPA company, and upon verification they will accept your cashless request.

Once your cashless request is accepted, all hospital payments will be paid by the insurance company directly to the hospital.

How to submit Reimbursement Claim?

Step 1) Inform the TPA company or Insurance Agent

First, you will need to inform the TPA company or the Agent.

Step 2) Submit your Health Card to the hospital

Your hospital will request your Health Card or your Policy Bond, you will have to submit this during the admission process.

Step 3) Keep all original documents

After admission, you will have to ensure that you store all hospital related documents like admission summary, discharge summary, bills, reports, receipts, etc. All of these documents will have to be submitted to the TPA company after discharge.

Step 4) Submit all documents after discharge

Upon discharge, fill-up the claim form and attach all of your medical documents. Now, submit these documents to the TPA company. Your claim will now be registered.

Step 5) Follow-up after your claim

You will also have to follow-up on the status of your claim on a timely basis.

Important Downloads

Important insurance related downloads can be accessed through the Park Mediclaim TPA website here. Important downloads include:

  • Pre-auth Form
  • Hospital Agreement
  • Claim Forms
  • PPN Declaration Letter
  • TPA Information Sheet
  • Empaneled Hospitals List

Empaneled Hospitals

If you want to avail cashless treatment, then the policyholder will have to get admitted to an empaneled hospital. Check a list of empaneled or network hospital here. Once on this page, enter your city, state, hospital name, and then press on ‘Submit.’

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