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Learn about Safeway TPA (A Guide)

Safeway Insurance TPA is an India TPA company that provides claim management, hospital management, and customer care services to customers. 

Safeway TPA acts as a link between the insurance companies and the policyholders, and has tie-ups with numerous Indian insurance companies like GIC, Royal Sundaram, ICICI Lombard, National Insurance, HDFC Life, Mahindra & Mahindra to name a few.

This article will aim to talk about the following important aspects pertaining to Safeway TPA:

  • Services
  • Network hospitals
  • Claims process
  • Claim status
  • How to get e-card
  • Customer care


Safeway TPA provides the following services to its clientele:

Claim management: This is the core service of the company. Once a policyholder raises a claim with the TPA, it is the TPA’s responsibility to process the claim and ensure that the policyholder receives his claim amount in accordance with the terms of his policy.

Hospital management: This is also one of the most important services of Safeway TPA. Once a policyholder gets admitted to a networked hospital, it is the job of the TPA company to ensure that the entire billing and admission-related tasks are taken care of (if the policyholder decides to avail cashless service).

Issuance of e-cards: The company also issues E-cards on their portal that the policyholder can present to a network hospital during admission.

Customer care: 24/7 customer care is provided to the policyholders for any kind of assistance and grievance redressal (1800-102-5671).

Network Hospitals

It is very important to know whether your preferred choice of hospital is affiliated with your insurance company as only an affiliated hospital will provide you with cashless claims. You can use our Safeway TPA Network Hospital Tool to check if your preferred hospital is a network hospital.

Claims process

Safeway TPA offers both cashless claims and reimbursement claims. The process is slightly different for both. Let us understand the claims process for both in simple terms.

Cashless Claims

Cashless claims with Safeway TPA can be handled using the following simple steps:
Step 1.) Ensure that you check whether the hospital you intend to get admitted to is a network hospital.

Step 2.) Inform your insurance agent about the hospitalization.

Step 3.) Present Safeway TPA health card to the hospital admission office.

Step 4.) Hospital corresponds with Safeway TPA about the treatment costs, treatment requirement, billing, etc.

Step 5.) You get admitted

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims with Safeway TPA can be handled using the following simple steps:

Step 1.) Inform your insurance agent about the hospitalization. You can also directly inform Safeway TPA if you choose so.

Step 2.) Ensure that you keep original copies of all important documents like bills, invoices, medical reports, medical certificates, admission reports, discharge summary, etc. Originals will need to be submitted to the insurance company while filing the claim.

Step 3.) Upon discharge, dully fill your claim form with detailed and accurate information. Submit the form along with original copies to the insurance agent / Safeway TPA.

Step 4.) Your claim will now be vetted and checked against policy terms and conditions.

Step 5.) Reimbursement will be issued to you if all documents are in order.

Claim Status

You can know your claim status on the Safeway TPA website in 3 simple steps.

Step 1.) Visit the Safeway TPA website

Step 2.) Click on “Our Services”

Step 3.) Click on “Claim Status” under their navigation bar

Step 4.) Enter your claim no or card ID in the form and press “Login”

How to get E-card

Step 1.) Navigate towards their services page and click on “E-Cards”

Step 2.) Fill in your details

Select either corporate or individual radio button (based on your policy) and enter your policy details, and press “Get Card”

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Frequently asked questions about Safeway TPA

  • Where is Safeway TPA's head office?

    New Delhi, India

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