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Learn about Medvantage Insurance TPA (A Simple Guide)

Medvantage Insurance TPA is a third-party administrator that has ties with health insurance companies, and helps in providing health insurance related services to policyholders. Medvantage Insurance Tpa was founded in 2001 and currently has 8 offices across India, including offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore. The company’s registered office is in Airoli, Navi Mumbai.

Let us talk about the most important topics concerning Medvantage, such as:


  • Services
  • Medvantage Insurance Login
  • How to download Medvantage E-Card
  • Customer Care
  • Empanelled Hospital List
  • Company Management


  • Enrolment: Potential policyholders are brought aboard rather seamlessly through their online enrolment process, where customers can understand the different types of policies, their benefits and features.
  • Customer Support: This is the fundamental service offered by any TPA company, they support the policyholder during their time of need. They assist the policyholder and their family during the difficult time of hospitalization as well as post and pre-hospitalization customer support.
  • Claims Management: Medvantage TPA handles claims management where they vet the claim application and investigate the case. If all things are in alignment, they will then begin the claim disbursement process.
  • Account Management: All your communication with the TPA company is handled through experienced account managers that ensure that there isn’t a communication gap during correspondence.

Medvantage Insurance Login

  • You can login to your Medvantage TPA account by visiting the following link.
  • Once on the login page, you will need to enter your Email ID/ Mobile Number/ User ID and your password. Once entered, click on ‘Login.’

What are the benefits of logging in? Well, you can submit your insurance claim online, and you can even track your claim status online after logging in.

How to Download Medvantage E-Card

You will need to download your Medvantage E-Card in order to access cashless treatment at affiliated hospitals. How can you download the E-Card?

Step 1) Visit the official website

Official website:

Step 2) Navigate to ‘Download E-Card’

Step 3) Enter your details

Now, you can download your E-Card by either entering your registered phone number or your registered Email ID. You will need to enter the following details:

  • Registered phone number/ Email ID
  • OTP number
  • Captcha details
  • Once entered, click on ‘Verify’

Customer Care

You can contact Medvantage TPA in multiple ways, let’s mention them below:



Contact Details

Customer Service



General Enquiry

Phone Numbers


Contact Details

Customer Service


Cashless Department


Senior Citizens Helpline


You can also contact Medvantage through their online contact form. Just mention your name, email ID, query, phone number, and click on ‘Submit.’

Empaneled Hospital List

It is extremely important to find out if your desired hospital is empaneled with your insurance company, as you will only be able to take advantage of cashless hospitalizations in empaneled hospitals. You can find a list of all of the empaneled hospitals with Medvantage here.

Once on this page, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Name of your insurance company
  • City
  • Hospital name
  • Pin code
  • Captcha

Now, press on ‘Search.’ You will now get a list of all of the network hospitals in your area.

Company Management


Contact Details

Nimish R Parekh (Chairman)

Prashant Nagarkar (Vice President)

Sanjay Kotkar (Claims Manager)

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