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Learn about Heritage Health Insurance TPA

Heritage Health Insurance TPA is an Indian TPA company that was founded in 1998 and is currently headed by CEO, Mr. Sunil Parakh. The company currently has over 19 offices across the nation. Heritage TPA is part of The S K Bajoria Group of companies.

Let us talk about the most important aspects of Heritage TPA, such as:

  • Role of Heritage TPA
  • Login and Registration
  • Claim Submission
  • Empaneled Hospitals
  • Customer Care
  • Health E-Card
  • Download Forms

Role of Heritage TPA

As a TPA company, Heritage TPA acts as a bridge between the insurance company and policyholders. The company’s primary role includes the following:

  • Providing customer support to policyholders during hospitalizations.
  • Assisting customers during the enrolment and on boarding process.
  • Issuance of health cards to policyholders.
  • Claims management services.

Login and Registration

How can you Register / login to the official Heritage TPA website? Here’s how:

Step 1) Visit the official website

Step 2) Navigate to the Login / Registration section

Step 3) Enter your details and login or register

Claim Submission

You can also submit your claims to Heritage TPA through their online portal. Here’s how:

Step 1) Visit the official website

Step 2) Navigate to the ‘Claim Submission’ button

Step 3) Enter your details

Here, you will need to mention the following details:

  • Claim type
  • Insurance company name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • CCN / Card No

You will also need to upload all of the relevant medical documents to the portal.

Empaneled Hospitals

It is extremely important that you find out whether a hospital is a network or empaneled hospital before you decide on getting admitted to the hospital. The reason for this is rather straight forward, cashless claims will only be provided in hospitals that are empaneled with the insurance company. Always be sure to check out if your preferred hospital is a network hospital.

You can check out if your hospital is an empaneled hospital in 3 simple steps:

Step 1) Visit the official Heritage TPA website

Step 2) Navigate to the ‘Hospitals’ section

Once here, click on ‘Empaneled Hospitals’

Step 3) Fill up the details

Now, you will need to select your state, city, and insurance company. Once done, you will get a list of all the network hospitals associated with your insurance company.

Customer Care


Phone Number

Email ID


(033) 2248 2411

(033) 4014 5100 / 4033 4141

(033) 4014 5200

(033) 4033 4141


(022) 61273891/3892/3893

(022) 69062500


(040) 2324 4264


(0891) 2713917


(044) 4260 4135/ 2829 0400 /10/30


(011) 4300 9540/41/42/43/44


(0261) 400 0046/403 1544-46


(079) 4027 2801-04


080-26423736, 080-26423746

Uttar Pradesh (UP)





0141-294 4765

Health E-Card

How can you download The Heritage TPA Health Card? Here’s how:

Step 1 ) Visit the official website

Step 2 ) Click on ‘E-Card Download’

Step 3) Enter your details

Here, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Insurance company name
  • Your name
  • Policy year
  • Emp ID

Once entered, click on ‘Submit.’

Download Forms

You can download the required forms by doing the following:

Step 1) Visit the official website and navigate to the ‘Download Forms’ section

Step 2) Select the form and download

Available forms include:

  • Claim Forms (Cashless and Reimbursement)
  • PPN Declaration Forms
  • Pre Authorization Form

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