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Top 12 Important Health Benefits of using a Health Faucet

Health faucet is an innovative and dynamic bathroom fixture that has gained tremendous popularity in many countries with its enhanced sanitation practices. It has emerged as a revolutionary catalyst, redefining the way we approach cleanliness in our personal sanctuary, our bathrooms.

In this article, we will talk about the following:


  • What is a Health Faucet?
  • How to use a Health Faucet?
  • 12 Incredible benefits of using Health Faucets
  • History and Evolution of Health Faucets
  • Emergence of Health Faucets in India

What is a Health Faucet?

A health faucet, also commonly referred to as jet sprays or bidets, is a bathroom fixture used for personal hygienic reasons. The main purpose of a health faucet is to clean the genital areas after defecating and urinating.

It is hand held device attached to a nozzle connected to the water supply to wash the toilet after each use.

health faucet
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How to use a Health Faucet?

You can simply holding the spray head and gently directing the flow of water towards your intimate areas to clean them. It is extremely easy and flexible to use, allowing you to navigate the flow of water in whichever direction you want for cleansing needs.

12 Incredible Benefits of Using Health Faucets

  1. Enhanced Personal Hygiene: Health faucets provide superior hygiene as compared to other traditional methods like using toilet paper. The gentle supply of water effectively rinses and cleanses the intimate areas, offering a refreshing experience. While also reducing the chances or risks of any infections.
  2. Enhanced Feminine Hygiene: It could be a ideal bathroom cleaning equipment for women as they provide a thorough and gentle cleansing experience. Ensuring cleanliness and safety from any kind of infection, particularly during menstruation.
  3. Assistance for Disabled or Elderly Persons: It could be an incredible hygienic solution for elderly persons suffering from any disability or morbid condition. Its hand held design and adjustable water pressure allow ease of use for such individuals.
  4. Postpartum Care: As health faucets provide a gentle and safe way to clean the intimate areas after childbirth, being extremely helpful for women during their postpartum period. It’s also beneficial for persons with certain conditions like piles, haemorrhoids, and other anorectal disorders.
  5. UTI Prevention: The thorough cleansing helps in maintaining proper hygiene, reducing the chances of urinary tract infections (UTI) in individuals.
  6. Menopause Comfort: Often, women who experience menopause suffer from irritation and dryness. This can be countered with the help of a health faucet, which can alleviate and soothe discomfort in the intimate area.
  7. Convenient during Periods: Health faucets offer comfort and ease during menstrual periods. As they offer an efficient and quick cleaning solution, providing a sense of freshness and comfort.
  8. Versatile Option: Health faucets offer versatile and multipurpose cleaning solutions. Not only can they be used for personal hygiene but also for other purposes like cleaning the bathroom floor, washing cloths, and even bathing your furry friends.
  9. Highly Economical: Over the course of time, using toilet paper after each toilet use can be expensive. Hence, in the long run, installing a health faucet turns out to be a highly economical and convenient solution.
  10. Easy Installation: The installation process of health faucets is extremely easy and convenient. You can install them yourself or ask your local plumber to do it at a nominal cost.
  11. Enhanced Confidence: The thorough cleansing provided by health faucets can enhance your overall confidence and sense of well being. Feeling clean and fresh always contributes to a positive self image and keeps you mentally positive.
  12. Eco Friendly Choice: You can significantly reduce the dependence on toilet paper that leads to paper waste. This environmentally friendly choice of yours can save hundreds of trees from being cut down every year, contributing to sustainability and conservation efforts.
health faucet
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History and Evolution of Health Faucets

Now, let us take you back in time and give you some insights on how this versatile hygienic tool was created.

Health faucet, or Bidet shower, was invented in the early 17th century in France. It soon gained popularity and became a novelty household item among European nobility and upper-class households.

Earlier, they were made of porcelain and were standalone fixtures separate from toilets, resembling small basins. As plumbing technology advanced significantly over the years, bidets have been integrated into toilet fixtures, leading to the development of combined bidet-toilet units.

Over time, health faucets have undergone drastic advancements in design, functionality, and manufacturing. Health faucets are widely used today in Europe, the Middle East, and Asian countries like India and China.

According to a leading newspaper report, this hygienic tool is finally gaining mass popularity in western countries like Canada and America. Post COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for health faucets has drastically surged, leading to staggering sales of one million dollars per day in America.

This figure represents a tenfold increase compared to sales levels before the pandemic. This indicates the growing recognition and adoption of health faucets for enhanced hygiene practices.

Emergence of Health Faucets in India

Health faucets gradually gained popularity in Indian households and public spots like restaurants, hospitals, etc, during the 1990s and 2000s. Before this, Indians used the traditional method of practising toilet hygiene with the help of a mug and bucket filled with water.

Over the years, this handy device has become a popular bathroom fixture in Indian households because of it’s convenient and hygienic methods of cleansing.

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