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Learn about East West Assist Insurance TPA

East West Assist Insurance TPA is an Indian TPA company registered with IRDA, it is based out of New Delhi. The Company operates across 29+ Indian states and has a presence across 500+ offices nationwide. East West Assist Insurance TPA has also handled over 10 Lakh claims, having a claim settlement record of 97%.

Let’s talk about the most important aspects of East West Assist Insurance TPA, such as:

  • Role of East West Assist TPA
  • Claim submission
  • Download Health Card
  • Customer Support
  • Empaneled Hospitals

Role of East West Assist TPA

Mentioned within are some of the most important roles of the company, they are:

  • Enrolling and on-boarding customers to their platform after educating them about the various types of insurance products, and helping them in choosing the best insurance product for their needs.
  • Issuance of Health Cards to policyholders that they can present to hospitals during treatment.
  • Provide customer support to policyholders during hospitalization and even post hospitalization.
  • Deciding on the merit of claims and thereby assist in the disbursement of claims to policyholders.

Claim submission

If you are a customer of East West Assist Insurance TPA and are looking to find out how you can submit your claim to the company, look no further. You can submit an online claim by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1) Visit the official website of the company

Step 2) Navigate to the ‘Register Claim’ section on the homepage

Step 3) Click on ‘Register Claim’ and fill-up the details

Here, you will be asked the following details:

  • Claim Type
  • CCN Number
  • Policy Number
  • Full Name and Registered Contact Number
  • PAN Number
  • Hospital Name
  • Claim File (You will have to upload it)

Once done, click on ‘Submit.’

Download Health Card

Having your health card or policy bond is extremely important. Let us see how you can download your of East West Assist Insurance TPA Health Card:

Step 1) Visit the official website

Step 2) Navigate to the ‘Login’ button and login to the portal

Here, you will need to click on ‘Individual Login.’ Enter your username and password and click on ‘Login.’

If you do not have your login credentials, you will need to contact the support team or your insurance agent for the same.

Step 3) Request Health Card

Once logged in, you can now request for your Health Card. You can also check the status of your Health Card by clicking on the ‘Card Status’ button on the home page.

Customer Support

You can reach out to East West Assist Insurance TPA’s customer support through the following contact details:


Contact Details


+91-9711779711 /

Senior Citizen Support


Cashless Department

011-4722260/615/626 | 7838807980



Health Card


Hospital Enrollment



011-47222666/634/638/6113 | 9711779711

Empaneled Hospitals

Find out a list of all of the Empaneled Hospitals associated with East West Assist Insurance TPA here.

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