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Does Health Insurance cover Dental Treatment?

With the increasing penetration of health insurance, health insurance companies have begun introducing more comprehensive coverage. However, in the case of dental insurance, most companies do not offer dental coverage as a standalone policy but can be purchased as an additional cover or an optional rider.

In this article we will talk about the following:


  • What does dental insurance cover?
  • Importance of dental insurance coverage
  • Companies offering dental insurance coverage
  • Inclusions and exclusions under dental coverage

What does Dental Health Insurance cover?

In simple terms, in dental cover, any dental treatment related to illnesses, accidents, or injuries will be covered under the plan. To cover the cost of these treatments it is always advisable to buy a dental cover keeping in mind the cost of medical inflation.

Importance of Dental Insurance

1.) Protect your finances

Nowadays dental treatment is expensive due to inflation, innovation, usage of high-tech set-ups, etc. Hence to avoid having to spend your hard-earned money on these expensive treatments it is always safer to buy a dental cover along with a standard health plan.

2.) Routine dental check-ups

Many health insurance companies provide the policyholder free dental health check-ups to take necessary care of the individual’s oral hygiene.

3.) Free consultations

The policyholders will receive a number of free consultations under the cover depending on the policy scope.

4.) Teeth whitening

Some health insurance companies also provide compensation for teeth whitening treatments or procedures.

5.) Tax benefit

Avail of tax benefits on your health insurance premiums under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Companies offering Dental Insurance coverage

Following are the health insurance companies that offer dental coverage

Sr. No

Company Name

Plan Name


Care Health Insurance

Care Plus Plan



TATA AIG Medicare Premier Plan


Digit Health Insurance

Digit Care Plus Plan


Future Generali Health Insurance

Future Total Health Plan


Chola Ms Health Insurance

Chola Ms Privilege Healthline Plan


Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance

Health Premier Plan


ManipalCigna Health Insurance

ProHealth Insurance


Oriental Insurance

Oriental Mediclaim Policy


Reliance Health Insurance

Digital Care Management Policy


SBI Health Insurance

SBI Arogya Plus Plan


Star Health Insurance

Star Comprehensive Plan


Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Activ Health Platinum Plan

Activ Health Enhanced Plan


Raheja Health Insurance

QUBE Health Insurance Plan


IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

Individual Medishiled Plan


Edelweiss Health Insurance

HealthPlus Plan

Inclusions and Exclusions under Dental Coverage

Following below are some of the general inclusions and exclusions under dental health cover in India. It is always advisable to thoroughly check the scope and terms of the policy before opting for one.



Dental surgery/Implants

Cosmetic procedures

Oral consultations


Root canal treatments

Jaw alignment /correction

Treatment of gum illnesses

Orthodontic treatments

Decayed tooth treatments

Placement of dentures

Filling of cavity


Accidental damage or injury to tooth/teeth


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Frequently asked questions

  • How to select the right dental insurance coverage?

    It is advisable to always compare various dental plans based on their features, benefits, coverage, and premium. Comparing these factors will assist you in purchasing the right dental plan suitable for your needs

  • Can you buy dental health insurance coverage online?

    Yes, you can easily purchase a dental cover online in the comfort of your home. However, we advise you to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the policy and get your doubts cleared before buying the policy.

  • Is root canal treatment covered under dental insurance coverage?

    Yes, root canal treatment is covered under dental health insurance cover.

  • Does dental health insurance pay for braces?

    No, generally dental insurance does not offer coverage for braces, but many health insurance companies have started offering coverage for the same. It is advisable to check the same in the policy wording.

  • Do all health insurance plans offer dental coverage?

    Health insurance companies do not offer dental insurance as a general standalone policy. However, you can buy it as an additional cover or a rider policy bundled up with a general health plan.

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