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Mobile Insurance (A Guide)

Smartphones today have become an integral part of everyone’s life and theft or loss of your mobile phone can burn a hole in your pocket, to avoid this unwanted financial setback it’s advisable to opt for a suitable mobile insurance policy. Do you want to know about Mobile Insurance in detail? Look no further.

In this article, we will talk about:-

  • What is Mobile Insurance?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Insurance.
  • Mobile Insurance in India
  • What are some popular Mobile Insurance plans in India?
  • Mobile Insurance frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Mobile Insurance?

In simple terms, a mobile insurance policy covers a plethora of risks caused to the insured mobile. The insurance company reimburses the policyholder for any damage caused to the phone for any of the following reasons: accidental damage, theft, screen damage, loss of the phone, and so on.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Insurance

Like all things mobile insurance also has its advantages and disadvantages, let us look at the same in a nutshell.


1.) The policyholder will be financially compensated in case of any inadvertent damage caused to the phone.
2.) Repairing costs of expensive smartphones will also be remunerated by the company.
3.) Many companies also provide free pickup and delivery services of the insured phone to the repair center.
4.) Mobile accessories like charging pods, cables, etc are also covered under some mobile insurance plans.


1.)The insurer may not reimburse the claim in case of intentional harm caused to the insured phone.
2.) Mobile insurance premiums can be slightly expensive but the benefits provided are worth it.

Mobile Insurance in India

With the increasing awareness of mobile insurance and its benefits. Mobile insurance is now widely acknowledged by many customers in the country. Many established insurance providers now offer mobile insurance coverage to their customers at an affordable premium.

Companies providing mobile insurance services in India

Below provided is a list of companies providing mobile insurance services in the country:-

1.) Digit Mobile Insurance
2.) Bajaj Finserve Mobile Insurance
3.) Acko Mobile Insurance
4.) SynNScan Mobile Insurance
5.) Syska Gadget Secure Mobile Insurance
6.) One Assist Mobile Insurance
7.) Onesite GO Mobile Insurance
8.) Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance
9.) ICICI Lombard Mobile Insurance
10.) Flipkart Complete Mobile Protection

What are some popular Mobile Insurance plans in India?

Below provided are a few popular mobile insurance plans:-

Digit’s Mobile Insurance Plan

Key features:-

1.) The company offers coverage not only for a new phone but also for an old phone that is in proper working condition.
2.) Accidental damage caused to the screen of the phone will also be covered.
3.) Digit’s mobile insurance plan offers worldwide coverage insuring the phone all around the world.

Acko Mobile Protection Plan

key features:-

1.) Acko’s Mobile Protection plan provides quick and efficient repair services for the phone.
2.) The plan provides coverage for any damage due to liquid or fluid accidentally spilled on the phone.
3.) The plan provides a free pickup and delivery facility of the phone to the repair center.

Bajaj Finserve Mobile Screen Insurance

Key features:-

1.) As the name suggests, this plan covers any accidental damage caused to the screen of the insured phone.
2.) This plan covers any harm to the external body of the phone provided the phone was under the policyholder’s presence.
3.) Accidental damage caused by spilling fluid or liquid over the phone is covered.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is eligible to buy Mobile Insurance?

    Any individual above 18 years of age can avail of mobile insurance.

  • What is the tenure of most mobile insurance plans?

    Usually, coverage of one year is provided by insurance providers and the same can be renewed on a yearly basis.

  • How to file a claim for Mobile Insurance?

    The policyholder can file the claim by contacting the official email address or visiting the website of company.

  • Can any pre-existing damages to the phone be covered?

    No, any pre-existing damages will not be covered by any insurer.

  • How is the premium for Mobile Insurance determined?

    The premiums are decided based on the type of phone, model, brand, and cost of the mobile phone.