The illuminating Life Insurance Infographic

Life insurance doesn’t have to boring and just full of facts, figures, and numbers. Learning about life insurance can also be a fun exercise. Find out some of the most illuminating facts and figures about life insurance through our colorful and exciting infographic.

Go on! Take a peak below!

Life Insurance infographic
The illuminating Life Insurance infographic

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Frequently asked questions about life insurance

  • Which was the first life insurance company in India?

    Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society

  • When was the first life insurance policy taken?

    The first life insurance policy  was taken in London on 18th June, 1583

  • Which is the largest life insurance company in India?

    Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

  • Which life insurance company has underwritten the most premium in USA?

    Northwestern Mutual Group ($14.271 Billion) - as of 2022

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