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How to get a duplicate LIC policy copy? (In 4 simple steps)

There are times when we might misplace or lose important insurance documents. It is important to stay calm and search for these documents with a clear head. However, if the document is still not found there are ways to attain a duplicate copy.

An original policy bond will be needed at many junctures, including when you want to claim the sum assured.

Let us talk about what you can do in case you misplace your original LIC policy bond, and how you can get a duplicate policy bond.

Steps to get a duplicate LIC policy copy

Step 1: Newspaper publication of advertisement

First, you will need to publish an advertisement in a well-circulated newspaper of your choice. Once you have published this advert, you will have to wait for a month and submit a cutting of the advert to your nearest LIC office.

example of LIC policy lost newspaper ad
Example of an LIC policy lost newspaper Ad.

Step 2: Make and submit an indemnity bond

Next, you will have to submit an indemnity bond to LIC. Ensure that you have a word with the designated LIC officer about the contents within the indemnity bond, the kind of stamp paper required, the number of witnesses required, etc. If possible, show a rough draft to the officer first, once he clears this draft, then you can proceed with making the actual indemnity bond.

example of a 100 rs stamp paper
An example of a 100 Rs stamp paper.

Step 3: Elucidate why and how the policy bond was lost

Once the indemnity bond is filled, you will be given a form (form 3756) that is required to be filled by the policyholder. The form will ask you for the following important details:

  • Name of original policyholder.
  • Why/how the original policy bond was lost?
  • Where was the policy bond lost?

Step 4: Fill-in the paperwork

Fill in all the details within form 3756 clearly and concisely, and ensure that there is no falsification within the form. Once the form is filled, you will be required to attach the following documents:

  • Insurance premium receipts
  • ID along with residential proof
  • Payment receipt (for issuance of duplicate bond)

Once all of these details and documents are furnished to LIC, they will verify the documents, do a background check, and then proceed with the issuance of a duplicate policy bond to the policyholder.

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Frequently asked questions about duplicate LIC policy

  • what can I do if my LIC policy bond is lost?
    • Submit a newspaper ad in a regional newspaper stating your policy is lost.
    • Submit indemnity bond to LIC
    • Fill-up Form 3756
    • Attach important documents like newspaper clipping, copy of premium receipts, ID and address proof.
    • Submit the above to LIC office.
  • Is it necessary to have original policy bond to claim sum assured?

    Yes, the original policy bond is required in order to make claims.

  • Where can I contact LIC?

    022 6827 6827 / 022-27725968 / 022-27723592

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