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Top 5 insurance trends across the world (An Infographic)

Insurance is an ever evolving product. From it’s origin around 4000 BC to modern times, the insurance product has greatly evolved, and which each improvement, the value proposition of the insurance product as increased.

This era is no different! The insurance industry is again at the precipice of change with the advent of bleeding-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Crypto, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Let us look at some of the most interesting trends in technology that has the potential to transform the insurance industry in 2022 and the years ahead. 

Top 5 insurance trends across the world (2022) - Infographic
Top 5 insurance trends across the world (2022) – Infographic

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Frequently asked questions about trends in insurance

  • What are the top 5 trends in the insurance industry?

    The top 5 trends in the insurance industry include:

    1. Integration of AI & Machine Learning with insurance
    2. AI Chatbots
    3. Predictive analysis
    4. Blockchain technology
    5. InsureTech solutions
  • What are some of top AI and machine learning companies in the insurance sector?
    1. Solaria Labs
    2. CCC Intelligent Solutions
    3. Bold Penguin
    4. CAPE Analytics
    5. ZestFinance
  • What are some of potential disruptions caused by AI and Machine Learning in insurance?

    There could be major disruptions caused by AI & ML in the following sub sections of insurance:

    1. Claims handling
    2. Customer support
    3. Insurance underwriting
    4. Fraud detection
    5. Customer segmentation and classification
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