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Top 5 Applications of Blockchain in Insurance (An Infographic)

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm. Due to it’s nature, blockchain has tremendous applications even in the insurance industry. 

From automation to fraud detection, blockchain tech has the potential to transform the insurance industry and unleashing massive value proposition across companies and policyholders alike.

Learn about the top 5 applications of blockchain in insurance through our fact-packed infographic below.

Let’s begin! 


Top 5 Blockchain Applications infographic
Top 5 Blockchain Applications Infographic

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Frequently asked questions about blockchain in insurance

  • What are some of the applications of blockchain in insurance?

    Some of the notable applications of blockchain in the insurance industry include:

    • Fraud detection
    • More effective auditing
    • Automation
    • Increasing trust between insured and insurer
  • Which are some of the insurance companies leveraging blockchain tech?

    The following insurance companies leverage blockchain technology in their business:

    • Nationwide Insurance
    • AXA Insurance


  • Which are some of the up coming blockchain companies that provide blockchain solutions to insurance companies?
    • IBM
    • ConsenSys Software
    • ChainThat
    • Teambrella
    • B3i


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