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Learn about SBI General Insurance (A Guide)

SBI General Insurance is one of India’s largest general insurance companies. The company has a wide portfolio of insurance products in the health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance sector.

SBI General Insurance has a massive Pan-Indian presence with over 21000+ full-time employees across 5500+ branches. The largest shareholder of the company is Indian banking behemoth State Bank of India (SBI).

The article will aim to talk about the following most important aspects with respect to SBI General Insurance:

  • Company shareholding
  • Company management
  • Important insurance statistics
  • Insurance plans
  • Customer care

If you are a person looking to buy an SBI General Insurance policy, this article is for you.

Company shareholding


Percent Owned

State Bank of India (SBI)


Napean Opportunities LLP


Honey Wheat Investment Ltd


PI Opportunities Fund-1


Axis New Opportunities AIF-I Fund


Company management




Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khara



Mr. Ashwini Kumar Tewari

Managing Director


Mr. Pushan Mahapatra

President – Strategic Investments and Digital Initiatives

Mr. Rikhil Shah

Chief Financial Officer

Gayle Adams

Chief Actuary

Mr. Atul Suresh Deshpande

Chief Operating Officer

Important insurance statistics

Claim settlement ratio

Total customers (As of 2021)

Network hospitals

City presence

Claims handled (in Rs)


6.8 crore


125 cities

11000 crores

Insurance plans

SBI General Health Insurance Plans (Retail)

Plan nameAbout the plan
Arogya Sanjeevani PolicyArogya Sanjeevni policy is SBI Life’s no-frills health insurance policy. The policy is a basic health insurance policy that provides coverage from 1 Lakh – 5 Lakhs.
Arogya Premier PolicyThis policy is similar to the Arogya Sanjeevni Policy. The key difference is that the coverage amount ranges from 10 Lakhs – 30 Lakhs.
Arogya Plus PolicyArogya Plus Policy provides the policyholder coverage up to 3 Lakhs at a reasonable premium.
Arogya Top up PolicyThis is a top-up plan. You can take this plan along with another regular policy to enhance your coverage at a very nominal rate.
Critical Illness Insurance PolicyThis policy provides a fix lump sum payment in case the patient suffers a critical illness like stroke, paralysis, blindness, etc.
Retail Health Insurance PolicyThe Retail Health Insurance Policy provides a coverage up to 5 Lakhs for the entire family. Ayush, mental treatment, etc are also covered under this plan.
Group Health Insurance – SBIThis policy has the ability to cover various members of your family under a single group health insurance plan. This plan is usually good for large families.
Hospital Daily Cash Insurance PolicyThis policy will only provide a policyholder with a fixed daily cash allowance that he/she can use towards food, travel, etc. Maximum daily cash value is up to Rs.5000. These kind of policies are should be taken along with a comprehensive policy.
Loan Insurance PolicyThis policy insures the policyholder against any loan default that may occur due to any sudden sickness, accident, and loss of employment.

SBI General Health Insurance Plans (Corporate)

Plan nameAbout the plan
Group Personal Accident PolicyThis policy provides protection against accidents. Sum insured is up to 20 Lakhs.
Group Health Insurance PolicyCompanies can opt for this plan to provide comprehensive health insurance to their employees.
Arogya Sanjeevani Group ProductThis is a basic health insurance product that companies can opt for towards their employees. Max coverage is up to 5 Lakhs.

SBI General COVID-19 Insurance Plans

Plan nameAbout the plan
Corona Kavach PolicyThis policy provides protection against COVID-19 up to 5 Lakhs
Corona Rakshak PolicyThis policy provides protection against COVID-19 up to 2.5 Lakhs

SBI General Motor Insurance Plans

Plan nameAbout the plan
Private Car InsuranceYou can insure your private car using this policy. Both third-party and comprehensive car insurance plans are available to the policyholder.
Bike InsuranceYou can insure your motorbike under this policy. Comprehensive and third-party insurance options are available.
Motor Act Only Insurance (Care & Bike)This is the mandatory third-party insurance that is compulsory under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. Every vehicle owner needs to buy this insurance in order to legally drive on Indian roads.
Trailer InsuranceThis policy insures commercial trailers.
Commercial Vehicle PolicyThis policy provides third-party as well as comprehensive motor insurance for your commercial vehicles like buses, taxis, etc.

SBI General Accident Insurance Plans

Plan nameAbout the plan
Individual Personal AccidentThis plan provides accidental coverage up to a decent amount of 1 crore.
Saral Suraksha BimaThis plan provides accidental coverage along with partial and complete disability coverage up to 1 crore.

SBI General Home Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Bharat Griha Raksha PlanThis policy can be availed by home owners, tenants, and landlords. Policy provides protection against theft, damage, loss of rent, loss of valuables, etc.

SBI General Travel Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Travel InsurancePlanning to take a business or leisure travel abroad? Ensure that you take a travel insurance policy that protects you against medical expenses, personal liability, accidents and more.

SBI General Marine Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Marine Cargo Insurance – Open CoverTraders and shippers can avail of this policy’s benefits. Coverage includes accidents, fire, lightning, among more.

SBI General Engineering / Construction Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Electronic Equipment InsuranceImportant industrial electronic equipment like cellphone towers, super computers, microprocessors, data storage, etc can be covered under this policy.
Contractors All Risks (CAR) InsuranceBig civil engineering projects can avail of this policy. Coverage can be provided against construction, storage, among others.
Latent Defects InsuranceThis policy covers the insured against risks arising from any latent defects during the construction phase.
Erection All Risks (EAR) InsuranceAn EAR policy provides protection against all risks arising out of erection of a project.
Contractors Plant & Machinery InsuranceThis policy provides coverage against loss of contractors plants or machinery.
Machinery Breakdown InsuranceLike its namesake, the policy provides protection against breakdown of heavy machinery during the construction phase.
Boiler & Pressure Plant InsuranceThis policy provides insurance against damage caused to boilers and pressure plants.

SBI General Fire Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Standard Fire & Special PerilsThis policy provides indemnity due to damages caused by fire.
Bharat Sookshma Udyam SurakshaThis is a comprehensive property insurance policy that provides protection against fire, earthquakes, terror attacks, etc. Max coverage is up to 5 crores.
Consequential LossThis policy provides protection to the policyholder against business losses incurred due to loss to insured property.
Bharat Laghu Udyam SurakshaThis is a policy that provides a large coverage up to 50 crores. Coverage includes fire, lightning, explosion, storm, etc.

SBI General Liability Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Errors and Omission Liability InsuranceThis policy provides indemnity towards errors and omissions by senior company management.
Event Cancellation InsuranceThere are times when certain business events are cancelled. This can cause a loss to the organizer. This policy provides protection against the same.
Directors & Officers Liability InsuranceThis plan protects the company against any damages caused due to mistakes of the company’s directors and officers. Coverage includes legal expenses.
Broad Form LiabilityThis policy provides protection against a broad range of liabilities like product errors, product recall expenses, pollution cover, etc.
Public Liability Insurance Act PolicyThis plan provides protection against a variety of public liabilities that may arise for a company. Coverage includes legal expenses, court-ordered compensation, lift mishaps protection, food and beverage related risk protection, among others.
Employees Compensation PolicyThis policy provides compensation to an employee due to accident caused while conducting official company work.
Clinical Trial InsuranceThis policy provides coverage against damages and risks arising out of conducting clinical research related work.
Commercial General Liability InsuranceThis plan provides indemnity against damages arising due to errors and mistakes of a company.
Cyber Defense InsuranceThis policy protects the hi-tech systems of a company. Risks arising out of hacking, ransomware, privacy breach, data theft, etc are covered under this policy.

SBI General Rural Insurance

Plan nameAbout the plan
Cattle InsuranceFarmers can avail this plan to provide protection to their cattle against death, sickness, fire, riot, earthquake, famines, etc.
Micro InsuranceThis policy is usually targeted towards providing coverage to low income groups. The coverage amount and premium are both low in this type of insurance products.
Agricultural Pump Set InsuranceThis policy provides protection against loss or damage caused to an agricultural pump set arising out of fire, earthquake, riot, mechanical and electrical disorder.
Sheep and Goat InsuranceFarmers can buy this plan to provide coverage to their sheep and goat against death, sickness, fire, riot, earthquake, famines, etc.
Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima YojanaThis is a comprehensive crop insurance scheme designed to protect the farmers against crop loss arising due to fire, famine, drought, pests, floods, etc.
Gramin Samriddhi BimaThis policy provides coverage against a host of rural risks like tractor insurance, pump set insurance, animal cart insurance, and more.

SBI General Miscellaneous and other Insurance (Corporate Sector)

Plan nameAbout the plan
Money InsuranceThis is a policy that protects against theft, loss, destruction of money while in transit, while in safe or in premises.
Burglary InsuranceThis plan provides coverage against theft, damage and loss caused due to burglary.
Sign Board InsuranceThis policy provides coverage against vandalism and damages caused to sign boards. Third-party insurance is also provided under this plan.
Modified National Agriculture Insurance SchemeThis policy provides coverage against crop loss caused due to fire, drought, pests, floods, lightning, and more.
Trade Credit InsuranceThis is a policy that provides protect to a trader (seller) against delay or non-payment from the buyer.
Aviation & Hull Package InsuranceDamages caused due to aviation hull related activities are covered under this plan.
SME Package InsuranceSmall and medium corporations can make use of this policy to protect themselves against risks like fire, explosions, riots, landslides, theft, and more.
Cellular Network InsuranceUnder this policy, cell towers are protected against acts of vandalism, software errors, material damage, third-party liabilities, among others.
Baggage InsuranceThis policy provides protection against loss of baggage while traveling for business or leisure.
Portable Electronic Equipment InsuranceEquipment like laptops, cameras, medical equipment, etc can be covered under this policy.
Weather InsuranceThis policy protects farmers against crop loss caused due to irregular weather conditions.
Mega Risk InsuranceThis insurance product provides insurance for very large projects upwards of 2500 crores or more.
All Risk Insurance PolicyThis policy provides insurance for a whole host of items like books, paintings, art, antique furniture, expensive jewelry, precious metals, and more.
Delay in Start Up (DSU) InsuranceThis policy provides compensation to the insured in alignment to the loss caused due to delay in starting up of a venture caused due to certain unforeseen events.
Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (KRE) InsuranceThis policy provides coverage against the unfortunate event of the insured being kidnapped. Risks covered include detention, extortion, and hijacking
Oil & Energy Risk InsuranceThis policy indemnifies the insured against losses occurring due to unfortunate events while constructing oil and energy projects.
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance PolicyThis policy provides protection against fraud committed by an employee of a corporation.

Customer care

You can reach out to SBI General Insurance in a host of different ways. The company can be contacted through phone, email, web-form.

Customer care number

Email ID

1800 102 1111

Customer care web-form

You can also request a call back from SBI General Insurance by filling their web-form.

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