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Pet Insurance in India: Protect Your Furry Friends

Pets are considered a part of the family. They are given special care and love. With the rising trend of having pets, the demand for pet insurance in India is rising. The schemes provided by pet insurance companies cover veterinary expenses, protection of pets from any threat or from any third party, compensation on loss or death of a pet.

Dogs, being the most common pet, can be insured through dog insurance in India as dogs are the most common pet in India. However, this is not common knowledge among pet owners.

If you have a pet and you don’t have or know about pet insurance, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn the features and benefits of this type of insurance.

Features and Benefits of Pet Insurance in India

Pet insurance policies help insure our pets and cover expenses related to their treatments and more, making it popular insurance among pet owners. Here are a few features and benefits of pet insurance in India:

Third-party insurance

This is a form of liability insurance that protects your pet if it bites or attacks a third party or another pet or harms someone else’s property. You just need to check policy details to know what it covers.

Customized plans for all pets

Pet insurance in India covers all types of pets, including dogs, cats, and birds. However, some insurers also offer plans for horses, elephants, and other exotic and indigenous animals.

IRDA approved

Pet insurance plans like cattle insurance, dog insurance, and cat insurance are IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) approved. This authority acts as the regulator of the insurance industry in India and protects the interest of policyholders.

Pet Insurance for your Dogs

As 85% of the pet market in India is dominated by dogs, some insurers cover only dogs of any breed. These insurance plans are offered by both private and public insurance companies, but the former has more number of dog insurance policies.

Private pet insurance

Private pet insurance generally has insurance for dogs, covering all breeds from 8-week old to 8-year old. The coverage provided for the dog depends on the insurer. However, generally, these insurance plans cover death due to accident, poisoning, illness, third-party injury, and permanent disability.

Some plans also cover surgery costs, as well, which might become a more common feature of pet insurance in India as the market grows. Moreover, certain dog insurance policies have no waiting period like regular plans and come into effect almost immediately.

In India, pet insurance companies bear around 80% of the sum insured, and 20% of the sum goes to the pet owner.

Public pet insurance

Public pet insurers cover all pets like birds, dogs, rabbits, cats, pigs, horses, and other livestock. However, compared to private sector policies, public sector pet insurance policies do not provide coverage for all diseases. Diseases like rabies and distemper are generally not covered by public sector insurers.

People spend a lot on pets, but their treatment or routine healthcare can be expensive. Moreover, it is crucial to protect your beloved pet from any misfortune or damage.

Buying pet insurance in India does not cost more and requires only a form and veterinary health certificate, providing identification like a tattoo or nose print. Make sure you read the terms of the policy and choose one that suits your requirements the best.

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