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Laptop Insurance in India

One of the most important devices that many people use regularly is a laptop. Laptops are essential not only for official purposes, but also necessary for educational, and other online activities. Especially with the new practice of working from home and online education and training, a laptop has become one of the most essential devices in our daily routine.

It is important to take Laptop Insurance as technological devices always remain at risk of damage. Some laptops have a definite lifetime and some may get damaged due to negligent usage. It is not only about the physical damage but many internal faults may appear as well due to loose handling and lack of care. It is very hard to tell how long the laptop would serve and when a problem may appear. To minimize these losses and damages, you must consider buying laptop insurance.

Laptop insurance in India is one of the least discussed and known about insurance. So, here’s a detailed overview that’ll highlight all the important aspects of this insurance.

What is covered in laptop insurance?

The very first concern is what laptop insurance would cover. So let us check out the coverage facilities that you may receive under laptop insurance.

  • Most insurance companies would cover all brands of laptops starting from Apple to Asus.
  • Any breakage, crack, or damage to your laptop screen would be covered under a laptop insurance policy.
  • Any electrical breakage or damage would be covered.
  • Mechanical damage and faults would be covered under a laptop insurance policy.
  • If your laptop gets lost or if it is a case of theft or burglary, the insurance company would provide coverage.
  • If there is an accident that caused damage to the laptop, it is also covered under the policy.

Remember that these coverages would vary from insurer to insurer. You must collect adequate information about the coverage from an insurer before buying so that the policy meets your requirements.

What is not covered in a laptop insurance policy?

It is also necessary to know what would not be included in a laptop insurance policy. Again, remember that inclusion and exclusion of coverages would vary from one insurer to the other.

Let us check out the possible exclusions in laptop insurance.

  • Any previous damage or fault of the laptop before buying the insurance policy would not be covered under the policy.
  • Any intentionally done damage or damage incurred due to careless handling of the user would not come under the coverage of the policy.
  • Damage to the laptop due to war or terrorist activities is not covered under the policy.
  • Normal scratch, or damage due to rough usage, and gradual damage due to weather and long-time usage would not receive coverage from the policy.
  • Insurance companies don’t provide coverage for the maintenance of the laptop.

What are the advantages of buying laptop insurance?

Now that you know what is covered and what is not covered by laptop insurance, let us explore the benefits of buying laptop insurance.

  • It is a better version of your laptop warranty. While a laptop warranty covers only the basic facilities for a very short period of time, a laptop insurance policy would provide a broader range of facilities and coverages.
  • You would receive a lot of discounts, membership facilities, and offers during the policy renewal and rewards depending on your claim records. This eventually aids in saving money.
  • You would receive immediate responses and assistance in case of any sudden damage to your laptops and emergency services.
  • Most laptop insurance companies provide door-to-door pickup and delivery services. This means you would just need to inform your insurance company about the damage and a surveyor and agent would visit you to look into the matter.
  • You can save up a lot of money by buying a laptop insurance policy. This is the biggest facility for which buying laptop insurance in India is recommended. The company would compensate for the financial loss and help you throughout the repairing process.

Steps to get your laptop insured

So how does the whole procedure go? What factor would influence your buying decision? How would you report and claim your insurance? Let us look into the steps.

Decide the coverage

For organizational and even individual purposes, count the number of laptops being used and measure the potential risk factors. Think if you need an insurance policy or not.

Compare and decide

Now think of what coverages you require. There are multiple companies offering different deals. Also, take into account the budget for buying the policy. Now compare the companies, check ratings, and see which company would meet your organizational demands and fulfill your requirements.

Fill the proposal form and purchase

Once you choose the right company, you are required to fill a proposal form, submit documents that the company would ask for, make payment, and buy a laptop insurance policy. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions before purchasing.

Laptop insurance Claim process

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your claim:

  1. If it is a case of theft or burglary, you need to report it to the police first. An FIR copy is a must for the process.
  2. Next, you have to submit the FIR to the insurance company and fill the claim form.
  3. If it is about mechanical or accidental damage, you can inform your insurance company and file a claim.
  4. You may require to submit several documents to process the claim. Make sure to submit them all. Remember that you have to file a claim immediately after facing an issue. Don’t be late.
  5. Now that you have submitted a claim, you have to wait for the insurance company to verify and check the eligibility. Then the company would either accept or reject (only happens if it is not genuine) your claim.
  6. Once the claim is accepted, you would get the reimbursement in the time period mentioned in your policy.

Therefore, to minimize the financial loss and damage to your laptop, you must consider buying a laptop insurance policy from a trusted and reliable company.

Compare, analyze, and always select a company that meets your demands and requirements. Reputed companies usually prove to be more reliable and offer a hassle-free claim process.

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