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Kerala State Insurance Department (Schemes and Benefits)

The Kerala State Insurance Department was established in 1896. The aim of the department was to create insurance policies for government employees. The department also underwrites general policies for institutions that are run by the state or commercial undertakings that have piqued the interest of the government.

The Kerala state insurance department has several plans that residents of Kerala can utilize and buy for themselves and their families. The official website has all the necessary details about these plans along with the forms for all the plans under various categories.

This article aims to bring to light the various plans that the insurance department offers and the different forms relevant to each plan.

Kerala State Insurance Department schemes and plans

Different plans from Kerala state insurance department:

State life insurance

The first category usually involves individual life insurance. One can access the proposal forms to demand claims from the state and receive a loan as well. The state primarily aims to help individuals receive state-run life insurance.


The individual looking to participate in the scheme must be below the age of 50 years at the time of payment of the first premium. The age should be taken from the previous or the next birthday, whichever is closer to the date the first premium is paid.


A loan amount of up to Rs 10,000 can be taken against the insurance plan.

The insured will receive the promised payment upon retiring at the age of 55 or their death, whichever occurs earlier.


The premium differs on the basis of the pay range. For the lowest pay range (Rs. 9189/-) would have a monthly premium of Rs. 150, while the highest pay range (Rs.29180/- and above) has a premium of Rs. 450. If the payment lies between Rs. 9189 and 29180, the premium would be between Rs 230 to Rs. 380.

Group insurance programs

The Kerala State insurance department also covers group insurance. These insurance plans cover employees working in institutions and enterprises. The employee will have to not only state their place of work but also their designation and whether the establishment is publicly or privately run.

An employee can also nominate kin to receive the premium invested in the insurance in case they pass away while still in office. If, for example, an employee does die while working for the government, the family can file a death claim.

General insurance plan

The general insurance covers damages that may occur to vehicles, machines as well as robberies. Any type of unforeseen event which results in damage to one’s property can receive compensation under this insurance scheme. The eligibility is similar to the eligibility stated in the life insurance policy.

The whole purpose of the state-run insurance plans is to offer the state employees a financial safety net at a low cost. The families or nominees of the employee will receive monetary benefits in case the employee dies while in service.

Kerala State Insurance Department forms

An individual can visit the official website in order to attain all the forms. One can access forms for:

  • Proposals
  • Claims
  • Application for loans and so on.

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