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Insured Postage: How to insure your letters and posts?

Did you know that you can insure your registered letters, registered parcels, value payable letters, and parcels that you send through India Post? It is a little-known fact that these kinds of letters and parcels can actually be insured by paying a small fee.

If you feel that the contents of your letters and parcels are valuable and their loss could cause a financial strain, you can choose to insure those letters/parcels.

Let us discuss some of the important aspects of insured postage like:

  • Eligibility and limits
  • Procedure
  • Responsibilities of India Post

Eligibility and limits of insured postage

Posts that can be insured

Insurance Limit (Coverage up to)

Registered Letter

Rs 600/-

Registered Parcel

Up to the actual value of the parcel

Value Payable Registe‚Äčred Letter

Rs 100000/-

Value-Payable Registered Parcel

Up to actual value of parcel

Procedure of insured postage

  • The insured letter or parcel should be submitted to the Post Office window and contents of it should be disclosed.
  • Insurance value has to be declared.
  • Mention the name and address of the sender and the receiver clearly.
  • The sender may now collect the receipt provided by the Post Office. This receipt is to be stored carefully.
  • Post Office sends the respective letters/parcels to the sender.

Responsibilities of India Post

  • India Post takes full responsibility for delivering the letter/parcel to the sender safely and within a reasonable amount of time.
  • It is the responsibility of India Post to provide compensation to the insured in case of loss of his parcel.
  • Compensation is to be paid within 1 month of the claim.


Compensation will not be provided to the insured in the following cases:

  • Fraud, falsification, and misrepresentation on part of the sender.
  • If the sender has made a mistake while writing the address of the recipient.
  • If the insured product has been successfully delivered.
  • If the sender fails to intimate the Post Office of any loss within 3 months.
  • Damage occurring due to the nature of the insured object.

Thus it can be understood that the procedure of insured postage is relatively straightforward and simple. If in case the reader still has queries pertaining to the insured postage, he/she can raise them either with the Sub-Postmaster or the designated officer handling the matter. They will be more than happy to assist.

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