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How to Launch a Complaint with the Insurance Ombudsman?

Insurance is important to ensure the financial security of our family, property, car, etc. in case of unforeseen circumstances. This is why we turn to insurance companies to get these facilities. But what if you don’t receive the amount you are owed? What if the payment is getting delayed? What would you do if the company doesn’t provide the facilities as promised?

In case of any inconvenience and difficulty, you are required to file a complaint and one of the ways to do so is via an ombudsman. Insurance Ombudsman is an initiative directed by the Government of India that allows individuals to effectively sort out complications related to a specific insurance policy outside the court of law. But how to launch a complaint with the insurance ombudsman is something not everyone is aware of.

You may not know how exactly you can reach out to the company for help. Nothing to worry about. We are here to tell you every step of how you can launch a complaint regarding your insurance difficulties.

How can you launch a complaint with the insurance ombudsman?

There are easy steps to file a complaint. But sometimes the easy methods may not work if not followed in a pattern. Hence, it is imperative to know and follow the correct sequence to launch a complaint.

So here, we will start from the simplest solution and see to what extent we may need to go to solve the issue.

Know when to file the complaint:

It is advisable to file a complaint under the insurance ombudsman when an adequate response from the concerned insurance firm has not been received within a time frame of 30 working days [from the date of the official complaint].

Contact the ombudsman office:

Contact the ombudsman office present in your jurisdiction. For an instance, if your insurance company is based in Delhi and you live in Mumbai. You must contact the ombudsman Mumbai office to file the complaint.

Filing the complaint:

The complaint can be filed by sending a letter to the insurance ombudsman. You can also file the complaint through fax or email. Although, if you file the complaint over an email, you will have to send a hard copy later.

What must your letter include:

All the necessary details and documents related to the matter, including your policy number, must be included. The documents required may vary depending upon your grievance. It is advisable to confirm everything with the ombudsman’s office and only then post the letter.

Visiting the ombudsman office:

If you visit the ombudsman office, you must fill the P-II and P-III forms. They will revert back to you asking you to fill these forms if you send your documents through the post.

Fixing of the date:

After the documents have been submitted and other formalities have been fulfilled, a date for the hearing will be fixed by the insurance ombudsman.

These were the basic steps you may take to file a complaint. It is important to note that the complaint needs to be filed within a year after your last conversation with the insurance company regarding your grievance. You must also note that the same complaint should not be pending before the consumer forum or the court, as these two institutions are the last resort for any grievances.

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