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What is IIISLA? (Meaning, Role, Surveyor list, and more)

So, are you looking to get an in-depth understanding of what IIISLA is? You’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with an easy-to-understand and holistic understanding of the role and meaning of IIISLA.

Topics discussed:

  • What is IIISLA?
  • What is the role of IIISLA?
  • IIISLA surveyor list
  • IIISLA contact details

What is IIISLA?

IIISLA stands for The Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors. Every insurance company needs to appoint official surveyors. Once there is a claim made by the policyholder, it is the surveyors’ task to examine and validate that claim.

Once the claim is validated, the surveyor makes a detailed claim report and submits it to the insurance company. After this, the insurance company will decide on claim disbursement of the claimant.

What is the role of IIISLA?

Let us list some of the most pertinent roles and objectives of the IIISLA below:

  • To regulate insurance surveyors.
  • To provide quality education to registered insurance surveyors.
  • To provide timely and intensive training to insurance surveyors.
  • To engage in research that aids in the betterment of the quality of surveying.
  • To validate and examine the claims of the claimants and provide a detailed claim report to the insurance company.
  • To enforce a code of ethics within the surveyor community.
  • To engage in regular examinations to ensure that the skills of surveyors are up to date.
  • To ensure that trust is maintained within the insurance sector.

IIISLA surveyor list

Now, since you have understood the role and meaning of IIISLA, it is likely that you would want to find out if your company’s surveyor is actually an authorized and registered surveyor affiliated with The IIISLA.
How can you know if a surveyor is registered under IIISLA? The IIISLA maintains an up-to-date list of all registered surveyors on its website.

IIISLA surveyor list tool

You can visit the official IIISLA Find a Surveyor tool and enter the relevant details and see if your surveyor is registered or not.

IIISLA surveyors in Mumbai

Here, you can see a complete list of all IIISLA surveyors in the city of Mumbai. Similarly, you can see all registered surveyors Pan-India.

IIISLA contact details



Phone number

040 – 23261072 / 23261073

Email ID


# 6-1-73, Off No.104 & 106 First Floor, Saeed Plaza, Lakdikapool,

Hyderabad – 500 004.

Telangana, India.


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IIISLA Headquarters

Frequently asked questions about IIISLA

  • When was the IIISLA formed?

    The IIISLA was formed on 4th October 2005.

  • Who is the president of the IIISLA?

    Mr. Lalit Gupta (As of 2022)


  • What is the phone number of IIISLA?

    040 - 23261072 / 23261073

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