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Does the Government have monopoly in the insurance sector?

In simple words, No! The Government of India does not have a monopoly in the insurance sector of India. There are vast number life and general insurance companies from the private sector. As a matter of fact, there are a total of 57 insurance companies in India, and a vast number of them are from the private sector.

In fact, The Government of India has vastly liberalized and privatized the insurance industry in India to the extent of even giving eligible foreign private corporations to participate in the Indian insurance industry.

When was the Indian Insurance sector liberalized?

The insurance sector in India was privatized and liberalized in the year 2000. This liberalization drive resulted in the entry of domestic as well as foreign private players into the market, thereby ending the monopoly of the GOI in the insurance sector.

The liberalization drive was undertaken with the objective of increasing competition within the industry, and increasing insurance penetration in the country due to entry of new players. This liberalization drive has yielded tremendous dividends to the insurance sector over the years.

The entry of dynamic and high tech entrants have led to an upsurge in competition within the sector, leading to competitive pricing and other similar benefits that have been naturally passed down to policyholders. Further, the Union Budget of 2021 increased FDI limit in the insurance sector from 49% to 74%, liberalizing the industry even more.

This is a stark difference from the pre-liberalization time, where only a few large and lumbering Government owned insurance companies provided limited and sub-standard services to policyholders.

The privatization of this industry has also let to an explosion of job creation in the insurance sector which is also boosting the Indian economy.

So, to sum it up, there was a time when the Government had monopoly over the insurance sector, but post 2000, the Government has reduced regulation, introduced liberalization and privatization measures, thereby ending its monopoly over the sector.

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Frequently asked questions about IRDA claim settlement ratio

  • Does the Government have monopoly in the insurance sector?

    No, it does not.

  • Which is the largest insurance company in India?

    Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

  • When was the insurance sector liberalized in India?

    The year 2000

  • How many insurance companies are there in India?

    57 insurance companies are registered with the IRDA of India.

  • Is LIC a private company or Government entity?

    Major share of the LIC is still with the GOI.

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