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What does DOGH mean in insurance?

DOGH stands for “Declaration of good health.” When an insurance company issues a health or life insurance policy it asks the policyholder to sign an undertaking that states that he or she is of sound mental and physical health.

This undertaking is generally present within the policy application form and the policyholder must read the DOGH undertaking carefully while signing.

Why is a DOGH undertaking necessary?


A DOGH undertaking is necessary for ensuring the following:

  • That the policyholder is not suffering from any major disorder that he has not disclosed to the insurance company.
  • That the policyholder is not and does not intent to engage in any hazardous activities that might endanger himself.
  • Certain declarations may also ask the policyholder to declare that they have not been incarcerated.
  • It creates a legally standing document that can be used by the insurance company to dismiss claims if they are falsified.
  • It protects the insurance company against falsified claims. This ensures that the insurance money is disbursed within truthful claimants, and not claimants that make falsities with the intention to mislead the insurance company.
An example of a DOGH undertaking

It is extremely important to be completely transparent with your insurance company about your medical history, current health, or any other important detail. One must never falsify in any capacity with the insurance company. Not only is it unethical but it may also result in rejection of your claim and termination of policy.

The Insurance Act 1938 provides various protections to insurance companies in case policyholders make false statements with the intention to mislead the company.

Further, it should also be noted that the insurance company will most likely still provide you coverage even if you are suffering from a pre-existing condition or have a medical history. The coverage will be provided subject to a marginal increase in insurance premium along with a rider that states that the company will start servicing pre-existing diseases after a period of 2-4 years.

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Frequently asked questions about DOGH.

  • Is it mandatory to undertake a DOGH?

    Yes, and DOGH is usually a part of the application form.

  • What happens if you dishonor a DOGH?

    If you dishonor the DOGH, the insurance company may decline your claim, and even terminate your policy.

  • Does the insurance company provide coverage if a person has a pre-existing disease?

    Yes, the insurance company will most likely provide coverage, but at extra charge and a 2-4 year waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

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