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Does Health Insurance Cover for Hair Transplant?

A prospective health insurance policy buyer with a receding hairline may have this question. And it is quite a natural question to have. Well, let us get to the meat and bones and give you the answer to your question. No. Your health insurance plan will not cover for a hair transplant treatment.

The reason behind this is rather straight-forward. A hair transplant is not considered as a necessary medical procedure. A hair transplant comes under the category of cosmetic surgery and is out of the scope of coverage.

A hair transplant procedure is classified into the category of non-necessary cosmetic surgery like:

  • Botox implants
  • Body fillers
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Body-shaping and sculpting surgery
  • Skin whitening surgery (face as well as full body)
  • Sex organ change surgery
  • Dental treatments (non-necessary cosmetic treatment)
  • Buccal fat removal
  • Face lift surgery
  • Breast implants

As you can see, the classification of hair transplant procedures into this category of non-essential medical treatments is enough for health insurance companies to raise their hands and flat out decline any coverage to the policyholder for hair transplant treatment.

Male as well as female alopecia is a condition that causes great mental and emotional turmoil in the life of a person and such situations should be handled with care and compassion.Understanding and compassion is quite important during this stage.

Perhaps in the future, insurance companies will realize the distress that people go through due to alopecia and may consider classifying it as a disorder that is deserving of health care coverage.

This may increase the price of premiums as many policyholders will make claims for alopecia. However, that is a discussion for another time.

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