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Awaz Health Insurance Scheme (Enrollment, benefits and Features)

The Awaz Health Insurance Scheme was launched in 2017 by the State Government of Kerala. This scheme was introduced with the aim of providing medical coverage to migrant workers within the Indian State of Kerala. Kerala is a state that has a considerable migrant work-force that contributes towards moving the economic needle of the State. In fact, Kerala has over 31 Lakh migrants, that consist of over 25% of the total workforce of Kerala.

These migrant works, generally do not have a proper medical plan in place to safeguard their medical interests. The Awaz Health Insurance Scheme, introduced by the Kerala State Government, took this into consideration while launching this scheme. In fact, over 1 Lakh migrant workers in Ernakulam alone have enrolled under this scheme as of 2020.

The Awaz Scheme provides health coverage as well as accidental coverage to migrant workers. Let us go through the benefits and features of this scheme.

Benefits and Features of the Awaz Scheme

  • Migrant workers working in Kerala will be provided coverage of Rs 2 Lakhs in case of accidental death
  • Migrant workers will be covered up to Rs.15,000/- in case of injury or illness
  • The scheme is strictly for migrant workers and only migrant workers will be eligible to receive scheme benefits

Awaz Scheme Eligibility and Coverage

The following are eligible under this scheme:

  • A migrant worker working in the State of Kerala between the age of 18-60 years of age.
  • Migrant workers looking to enroll under this scheme will need to furnish their ID and address proof while applying under the scheme. They will also need to provide proof that they are working in the State of Kerala.
  • Further, they would need to get their iris and fingerprints scanned

How to enroll under this scheme?

Step 1 – Visit the official website

Awaz Scheme website
Awaz Scheme website

Go to your preferred search engine and search for the official Awaz Scheme website by the Government of Kerala. Go to the scheme website.

Step 2 – Click on “Downloads”

Awaz Scheme Downloads
Click on downloads

Once on the website, click on the “Downloads” button.

Step 3 – Download the application form

download application form
download application form

Step 4 – Fill-up the form and submit it to your nearest Awaz Facilitation Centre

Once you have filled-up the form and submitted the form with the proper details, submit it to your nearest Awaz Facilitation center. After scrutinizing your documents, the center will disburse your Awaz Insurance Card, which you can use at any network hospital affiliated under the scheme. The card will have all important details printed on it, including your name, DOB, nominee details, and more.

All migrant works in Kerala should make it a point to avail the benefits under this scheme. Visit your nearest Facilitation center in case of any queries.

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