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SBI General Insurance Customer Care

SBI General Insurance Customer Care

Are you looking to contact SBI General Insurance customer care or support? This repository will provide you with the up to date phone numbers, email ID, and branch addresses that you can use to get in touch with company executives.

SBI General customer care and Email IDs


Phone Number

Email ID

Customer care

1800 102 1111

Service registration

1800 22 1111 / 1800 102 1111

Grievance redressal

1800 22 1111 / 1800 102 1111

Compliance, Legal & CS

022 42412070

Senior citizens support

1800 102 1111



Request call-back

You can also request the company to call you back. All you need to do is fill in their web form and wait for them to reach out to you. You can access their web-form here.

Insurance Ombudsman

If you feel further escalation is required, you can also raise a grievance to the Insurance Ombudsman Office. Once you have escalated to this level, it is the insurance ombusdman’s job to provide a resolution to your grievance.


Mumbai office

Delhi Office

Phone number

(011)-2344  4400

(022)- 22898600


Royal Insurance Building,

12, J. Tata Road, Ground Floor

Mumbai 400020

Jeevan Tara Building, First Floor, Sansad Marg, New Delhi, 110001

Are you looking for a new SBI General Insurance policy or a policy renewal? Reach out to us and let us assist you.

sbi general insurance

SBI General Insurance Renewal

SBI General Insurance Renewal

Do you want to renew your SBI General Insurance policy? We have the perfect step-by-step guide to do so. You can renew your health or motor insurance policy with ease by following our simple tutorial. We will discuss both online and offline renewal methods in this small content piece.

Online renewal

Renew your SBI General Insurance policy using the following steps:


Step 1: Visit the SBI General Insurance website


Step 2: Click on “Renew Policy” on the top left-hand side


Step 3: Select your policy from the drop down and click on the arrow


Step 4: Enter your policy number and press on “Get Quote”


Step 5: Confirm policy details


Post this, you will have to confirm your policy details like premium amount, tenure, coverage, etc. Once you are sure, you can progress towards making your premium payment.


Step 6: Make payment


You can make your payment either through credit / debit card or through net banking. Both payment options are available. You will receive your renewed policy to your registered email ID. Kindly keep the policy for safe keeping for any future use.

Offline renewal

You can also use the traditional offline mode to pay your policy renewal amount.

Contact your insurance agent

You will need to contact your insurance agent and request him to either collect the renewal check or request him company NEFT details. Post this, you can either hand over the check to him or transfer the amount via net banking / NEFT.

Contact company directly

You can also directly contact the company and request them to arrange for a check pickup. Alternatively, you can also request for the NEFT payment details that you can use to make the payment. You can reach out to your nearest branch by using our SBI General Insurance Branch Locator tool. You can also contact the company using their toll-free number 1800-102-1111.

Are you looking for a new SBI General Insurance policy or a policy renewal? Reach out to us and let us assist you.