Mutual Funds


Mutual funds (Meaning, Top Mutual Funds and More)

What are Mutual Funds?

In simple terms, a mutual fund is an investment product that collects money from investors who are looking for higher returns. The corpus pooled is invested into securities like debt, equity, gold, etc, and is managed by professional fund managers. The fund managers assigned to manage the fund have high expertise in researching and analyzing opportunities related to investments and money management.
Each investor will be allocated units proportional to their investments and this is calculated based on the Net Asset Value ( NAV). The gains generated from this fund will be distributed among the investors according to their Net Asset Value (NAV).

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) governs the mutual fund industry for the advantage of its shareholders, and investors of the funds. Timely regulations are passed by SEBI to ensure the efficient functioning and development of the mutual fund industry in India.

How to invest in Mutual funds?

You can invest in a mutual fund directly online by visiting the official website of the company.

1.) Follow the instructions provided on the official site of the fund house, fill in the appropriate information, and submit it.
2.) You will need to enter your Aadhar and PAN number for KYC verification.
3.) The information will be verified by the mutual fund house.
4.) Once the verification is done, you can start investing.

What are some best tax-saving Mutual Funds in India?

Below given are some best tax saving Mutual Funds in 2023:-

1.) Kotak Tax Saver Fund Direct-Growth
2.) DSP Tax Saver Direct Plan-Growth
3.) Quant Tax Plan Direct-Growth
4.) SBI Contra Fund Direct Plan-Growth
5.) Motilal Oswal MidCap Fund

What are the top 10 Mutual funds for SIP to invest in 2023?

Below provided are the top 10 Mutuals funds for SIP to invest in 2023:-

1.) HDFC Index S&P BSE Sensex Direct Plan-Growth
2.) SBI Focused Equity Fund
3.) ICICI Prudential Technology Fund Growth
4.) UTI Flexi Cap Fund
5.) Nippon India MultiCap Fund
6.) ICICI Prudential Large &Mid Cap Fund
7.) TATA AIA Large Cap Equity Fund
8.) Birla Sun Life Super 30 Fund
9.) Aegon Life Accelerator Fund.
10.) HDFC Standard Blue Chip Fund.

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