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Does Health Insurance Really Help?

Does Health Insurance Really Help?

In today’s time, the question of whether having health insurance really helps in providing substantial financial help is a matter of significant debate. Well, keeping in mind the rampant cost of living and the even faster moving health care inflation in India, let us tell you how having a health insurance policy can be beneficial.

Safeguarding Against Medical Inflation

Medical inflation in India has been on the rise over the course of years. As per reports, medical inflation in India is at 14% as of 2022, making medical inflation in India the highest among other Asian countries. With the increase in technological advancement and demand for healthcare services, the cost of healthcare treatments will also increase, making it more expensive to avail  quality medical treatment.

Medical expenses like doctor’s fees, medicines, diagnostic tests, and so on can financially burden you if you are not prepared. Having a health insurance plan with sufficient coverage can safeguard you financially. Just by paying a health insurance premium every year, you can mitigate these financial risks while also getting the best medical treatment when needed.

Safeguards Your Family

To ensure that you and your family members get the best medical treatment available, it is imperative to have a health policy with sufficient coverage. Major illnesses like cancer and stroke can destabilize your finances. Having health insurance with sufficient coverage can provide the best treatment for you and your family members. Moreover, a high coverage plans also provide with a wider choice of hospitals, healthcare facilities, and so on.

Financial Security

With many health insurance companies now offering cashless facilities that allow you to opt for medical treatments without touching your pocket. A right health policy will financially protect you and your loved ones from medical contingencies. It is advisable to check the benefits, coverage scope, and terms of the policy before purchasing. Make sure the health plan is in alignment with the medical and healthcare requirements of you and your family.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you are covered and protected against life’s uncertainties brings a sense of security beyond monetary value. This immensely  contributes to the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of you and your dear ones.

Accessibility of Quality Healthcare

Having health insurance ensures that you and your loved ones can get the required medical treatment without facing any obstacles. It ensures that the insured can avail of timely medical treatment irrespective of their financial situation.

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Health insurance helps you stay healthy by covering the costs of regular check-ups, consultations, and vaccinations. This means you can catch potential health issues early and prevent any kind of sickness.


Having health insurance is like a protective shield for your well being. It helps with money when unexpected health issues come up and encourages you to stay healthy.  Having health insurance ensures that you and your loved ones can get the right medical care when required.

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