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Income Tax Refund Status

How to Check your income tax refund status? (Simple Steps)

Wondering how you can check your income tax refund status? Read this guide and find out how you can check the status of your income tax refund quickly and easily. Checking your I.T refund status through the Official Income Tax Department of GOI has never been simpler. This is how you do it.

Table of contents:

  • How to Check your income tax refund status?
  • Types of Income Tax Refund Status
  • Some Reasons for not receiving your I.T refund

How to Check your income tax refund status?

There are two ways to check your Income Tax Refund status:

  • Check I.T Refund Status via E-Filing Portal
  • Check I.T Refund Status via TIN NSDL website

Check I.T Refund Status via E-Filing Portal

In order to check your Income Tax Refund status you will need your PAN or Aadhar number. Keep your PAN / Aadhar number handy before initiating your I.T refund status check. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Login to E-Filing Portal

You can access the official I.T Department’s website here.

Step 2: Navigate to “Refund/Demand Status”

Once logged in, you need to navigate to the “Refund/Demand Status” section. Click on it.

Step 3:  View Refund Status

Your refund status will now be viewable, and important details like Assessment Year, Status, Mode of Payment, Reason for Refund Failure (if any) will be displayed.

Check I.T Refund Status via TIN NSDL website

  • Visit the official TIN NSDL website: First, you will need to visit the official TIN NSDL website 
  • Navigate to “Status of Tax Refund”: Now, you will need to navigate to “Status of Tax Refund” under the “Services” section on the top of the page.
  • Enter Details: You will now need to enter your PAN number, Assessment Year, and Captcha Code. Once entered, press “Proceed.”
  • Check your I.T Refund Status: Now, you will get a detailed status of your I.T Refund. The details mentioned would include mode of payment, reference number, status, masked bank account number, and date.

Some Reasons for not receiving your I.T refund

  • ITR still under process: You may not have received your I.T refund if your ITR is still under process. Try checking your I.T refund status after a few days if you have just filled your ITR.
  • Incorrect bank account provided: It is possible that your I.T refund has not been initiated by I.T Department due to incorrect back account provided. Kindly double check your bank details before submitting a re-request.
  • Bank account not pre-validated: It is necessary to pre-validate your bank account before initiating an Income Tax Refund.
  • Mismatch of PAN/Aadhar with Bank: On rare occasions, it may be possible that there is a mismatch between your PAN/Aadhar details and your bank account details. If this is the case then immediately contact your bank and update your KYC. Once updated, process your refund again.
  • No refund due: It is possible that there is no refund due. It is also possible that the refund amount has been adjusted with your tax liability. Either way, the status for the same will be visible on the dashboard.
  • Notice from I.T department: If you have received a notice from the I.T department, there may be a delay in updating the I.T Refund status on the portal.
  • Incorrect IFSC: This is one of the most common reasons for the refund to not reflect. This is easily solvable by updating your bank details with the correct IFSC code in the I.T portal dashboard.
  • Closed Bank account: It is important that you initiate a refund request using an active bank account. Inactive bank accounts are not eligible to receive payments within it.

Types of Income Tax Refund Status

Sr. No

I.T Refund Status

Understanding the Refund Status



Refund Paid

This essentially means that your refund amount has been disbursed to your linked bank account

Here, you do not need to do anything as the refund has already been sent to your bank account


Refund Unpaid

This means that your refund amount has not been paid. There has been an issue processing your refund.

Login to the portal and find out what the issue was in processing the refund.


Not Determined

This implies that your refund amount has not yet been calculated.

Kindly wait and recheck after a week or two..


No e-filing for this assessment year

This simply means that you have not filed I.T for the calendar year


ITR Proceeds determined and sent to Refund Banker

This means that your refund amount has been processed to the refund banker and you should receive your refund in your bank account shortly.

At this stage, you will have to wait for a few days in order for the refund to reflect in your bank account.


Demand Determined

This status means that your refund request is rejected by the I.T Department

Try checking your I.T filing details and cross-verify your numbers.


Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

The I.T Department requires some additional details pertaining to your filing.

Contact your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer


Rectification Proceeded on, No Demand No refund

This is where you as a person filing I.T do not have to pay any additional tax. Further, even the I.T Department does not need to initiate any payment towards you.


Rectification proceeded, demand determined

This is where your refund request is accepted but you need to pay additional income tax.

Pay the additional income tax

What happens if my I.T refund has failed?

As mentioned before, there are a number of reasons why your I.T refund has not come. If your I.T Refund has failed, then it would be prudent to have a chat with your Chartered Accountant (CA) about it.

Your CA will most likely login to your I.T portal and try to deduce the reason behind this. Your CA could also use his good offices to find out directly from the I.T department itself as to why the refund has failed.

If your I.T refund has failed, it is important to find out the reason from the same. Once you have found the exact reason why your refund failed, then you can rectify the issue and re-apply for your I.T refund. You can quickly and easily re-apply for your refund using the I.T Department’s online portal.

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