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Kindly enter your height and weight, and the Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator will mention your approximate BMI value. You can then refer your BMI value to the BMI range mentioned below.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

A Body Mass Index (BMI) of a  person is calculated based on the weight and the height of a person. The BMI value is a number that is ascertained to deduce weather a person is in a healthy weight range. A healthy BMI value could correspond to better overall general health.

The BMI of a person is derived by dividing a person’s weight by their height in meters squared. To accurately understand the a person’s BMI, he or she would need to cross reference his or her BMI with a BMI range. Mentioned below is the BMI range.

BMI Range



18.5 and less

This indicates that a person is underweight

18.5 – 24.9

This indicates that a person is at a reasonably healthy weight

25 – 29.9


Greater than 30



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